A Crazy 72 Hours....

I don't know how this happens, but it seems like when ONE weird thing happens some days...the next few days are filled with the most ridiculously strange bullcrap occurances.

This is what my past few days have been like:

- Dude starts throwing up right as I'm about to leave for work. This sucks and I feel like an a**hole because I have to leave....I promise him to try and get off work early. 
- I come home early, but I am on call for the night. 
- Princess is also a snot faucet by this point and the house is SO humid from the humidifier running in our kitchen that I feel like I'm entering jungle warfare as soon as I enter the house.
- I spend a few hours taking showers with the kids. The steam resulting from the bathroom door being closed during these showers is having marvelous effects on my hair.

- I get called back into work for about an hour, even with my wicked awesome hair.

Sunday night:
- Princess wakes up at approximately 2am. I have to "sway" her back to sleep while standing in the kitchen (the darkest part of the apartment).  It takes her a ridiculously long time to fall asleep.
-I stupidly decide to refill the humidifier in the kids room but my grainy sleep deprived eyes interfere and I end up spilling old humidifier water all over the kitchen floor.

- Wake up at 4am to see S. off to work.
- Spend the morning wiping up snot and taking more steamy baths and showers.
- Get ready for work.
- Pack up the sick kiddos to drop them off with my mom.
- While driving to moms, I have the most horrible feeling that I'm FORGETTING something....something important.  This is the worst feeling ever and I spend the next half hour mentally going over all of the appliances in my house and trying to remember if I locked the door.
- While at my moms house, I eat some ham steak which results in the most annoying, huge piece of ham stuck in my back teeth that I try to get out for the next 4 hours or so.
- Get to work, find out I'm not only early, I'm freaking an hour and a half earlyW.T.F?!?!  I could have sworn up, down, sideways and spinning around in circles that my shift started at 3pm...nope.  awesome.
- My underwear is riding up my ass.
- I'm having one of those days where my hair is annoying the hell out of me because it's not doing what I want it to.  Probably from all of the humidity in my house....
- The night wasn't too busy.
- I go home.

Monday night:
- Princess wakes up so many times and needs to be "swayed" to sleep, that I've forgotten the number.

- Wake up at 4am to see S. off to work.
- The house is cold because apparently it's already October without me noticing and the nights are just above freezing and this is when S. and I realize that there is something wrong with our heater so it won't turn on.
- After putting more blankets on the kiddos, I go back to sleep on the couch, wearing sweatpants and sweatshirt and underneath a blanket.
- Grocery shopping, work from home, go for a walk with the kids.....dishes, normal SAHM stuff. 
- Call the landlord to come fix our freaking heater.
- While out in town picking up groceries, I'm unable to pick up my daughters prescription formula because our healthcare is giving me the freaking runaround. 

- Dude watches from the backseat of the truck as I'm yelling at WIC, the doctors office, the pharmacy, and basically anyone that will listen, that they had better figure out what the hell is going on and get my daughter her formula. 
- Tell Dude I'm about to lose my freaking cool because people are making mama really mad.
- Apologize to Dude for yelling and tell him that I'm not mad at him.
- Get home, and as I'm making lunch for Dude I also make more phone calls, one of which is to my mom.  During this phone call, I'm trying to convince Dude to eat his lunch while swearing under my breath about the cat throwing up on the kitchen floor while trying to tell my mom that we set an appointment to see the house.
- S gets home and it's an understatement when I say I was really happy to see him!

- Dude tells Daddy that Mama is going to lose her cool and that she was yelling at the doctor.  S. said it was about time that I started yelling at those people.
- Landlord shows up,  rips apart the heater (while I'm cooking supper). Amazingly, he can't fix the heater yet because he needs to research the problem.
- We start pulling out the kids winter pajamas.
- Ate the freaking awesome supper I cooked (It was Pinterest inspired, check it out here ).

the side dish that we had with cornflake chicken, SO yummy!

- Fell into bed like it was going out of style.

AND, Princess was only awake ONCE last night. so, I'm hoping I can turn off the humidifier and not have Vicks scented hands all day.

There you have it....my past almost 72 hours.  Don't judge me because of the swearing and yelling.    But when it comes down to it....my kids are healthy (except for the snotty noses), I have a loving Fiance who frequently changed diapers, wiped noses, also rocked Princess, played with Dude, picked up meds, and rubbed my back for me.  And even though some days are crazy and events seem to stack up on each other, there were still a million smiles and laughs and hugs and kisses and we're so ridiculously happy that its crazy!


  1. LOL at the happy to see you photo.

    We've all had our blocks of time, let me tell you. :)


  2. Hate it when my husband goes out of town and I have to solo parent. I have tons of respect for the moms who have to do it all the time on their own. I actually have a solo parenting stint coming up next week...wish me luck!