smashed fingers are no fun

no. no they are not.

the other day i shut my left ring finger in the door as i was closing it.  my hand and brain went numb.  i thought i was going to be ok.

i wasnt.

in the next 2 seconds all feeling went rushing back into my finger and i literally squated down, hovering over my messed up hand thinking that would somehow make everything better. 

it didnt.

in the next 10 seconds i made my way back into the kitchen of the restaurant im working at and screamed my head off as i tried to hold ice onto my finger and everyone else in the kitchen is looking at me wondering when im going to pass out.  i almost did.  a couple of times.  while some people had to leave the room because they were having flashbacks of smashing their own fingers....and some people ran for bandaids while yelling at me to go sit down. 

the day after i smashed it

apparently i can handle having babies all damn day, but when i smash my finger i turn into a lightheaded, blubbering, wussy, mess

it swelled up pretty fast

thats unfortunate.

my main thought for the past week? besides moving plans? that i hope my children NEVER get their fingers smashed.  holy crap i wouldnt wish this pain on anyone (....well, maybe one person). changing diapers is interesting with my future gymnast daughter.  and for some reason i decided to "sword fight" with the dude a few days after i smashed my finger and he so conveniently hit my bad finger in the first few seconds.  im an idiot.  not because i was sword fighting with my son to begin with, but because i kept sword fighting with him!  shielding my left hand like i was grievously wounded.  but thanksfully, S. knows my pain and has been very sympathetic.   I would have called him a "dumbass" if he had come home from work with a smashed finger....S. pointed this fact out to me, but didnt call me a "dumbass."  i appreciate his restraint.

my finger has the biggest blood blister under the nail, which is only getting worse by the day.  for a few days there, my finger was completely numb...along with my middle and pinky finger...interesting.  now the nail is starting to lift and it is such a dark color that occasionally i forget (somehow) that i smashed my finger, and i see a dark purple color out of the corner of my eye and i think "why did i paint that fingernail?  oh right. i didnt."  i keep hiting the nail (packing up my house dosnt help) and the feeling is definitely back in my finger.  thats good.

and my only hope is that the nail will grow back after it falls off.

and ew.

or im going to have to wear my wedding ring on a different finger. :P


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