when S. and i moved back to maine in march of 2010, probably the event that seriously made us stop in our tracks and then burst out laughing.....was seeing a particular girl in the local walmart.

her resemblance to S.s ex wife was UNcanny. right down to the sweatpants, muffin top, thick black eyeliner, and then her daughter who actually looks A LOT like K.

does the ex have a doppelganger?  did the ex's (real) dad spend any time in maine?  does the ex have (another) sister that she dosnt even know about?  of course we even wondered if the ex had MOVED to maine!! god you have no idea how much we laughed at this!!  then we started seeing her at the OB office because she was pregnant at the same time i was....im pretty sure that she started to get really pissed when it was so obvious that we were choking back laughter every time we ran into her.

where does this story lead?  well, S. recently started working with the doppelgangers husband.  S. thought he looked familiar...then saw pictures that this guy had in his workspace....then asked this guy about it.  the guy says to S. "yeah, we knew you were laughing at us"  and S. explained why of course....and said that we should all hang out, especially since their kids are right around dudes and princess' age.  the guys reaction?  he was favorable....the doppelganger, was NOT.  im not going to repeat all of the things that ive heard about this girl, because i have never actually met her myself to confirm or disprove what ive heard.....lets just say, shes more like the ex than just by her looks.  and by this i mean bitchy and crazy. 

although i was not too enthusiastic about hanging out with someone as ugly as S.s ex, it would have been nice for the kids. but now from what ive heard about her...i dont want my kids around her.  just like i wont have my kids around the ex.

imagine that. a doppelganger in more ways than one.

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