A disappointing start to the lawn/garage sale season

I've been suffering from major writers block lately....maybe not writers block...maybe...laziness?  Maybe at the end of the night when the kids are sleeping I'd rather have a beer?  Yeah, maybe.  maybe I'll just completely blame Pinterest.  Yup.  That would make more sense.  If there is anyone out there that has not at least looked at this sight...well, I'm impressed by your will power. It is obviously a lot better than my own.  This sight can suck the living soul out of you..or at least it seems that way when you look up from your computer and realize that you've been looking at recipes and crafts that in all likelihood you will never do.  I justify my pinterest obsession by saying..."yes, I did make that one brussel sprouts dish, and it was amazing." 


I should do more of these things that I pin.  so I will keep pinning on the off chance I'll ever have the time to get around to it in between bottles and changing diapers and washing laundry and picking up the crayons that my son has yet again thrown all over the living room.

I will try harder to write more often.....


Last week as I was perusing the local online newspaper (in between pinning recipes for cheesecake) I came across the first major garage sale of the "season".  it was actually considered a "moving" sale...but oh holy god they had one item advertised that made my heart sing out for S. because he has been wanting this for so long...a chainsaw!!!  I almost woke him up...but refrained.  I knew he would be wicked excited, not only because he might be able to pick up yet another tool cheaply, but also because I know that he actually loves lawn sales as much as I do and its a major indication that summer is truly around the corner.  so I told him when he woke up.  His eyes lit up like it was Christmas.  I swear to god.  Soooooooo we planned all week to go to this lawn sale on Saturday (thank goodness he had the day off!) even though the sale was officially starting at 8am (*gasp*).  on Saturday morning, we all got up early (well, Princess slept like her normal dead-log self, so we put her into her carseat and packed a bottle) and hit the road, picking up Dunkin Donuts on the way.  The dude was ecstatic to say the least.  He's as much a sucker for donuts as his dad is.  We got to that friggen lawn sale 10 minutes early...and everything was already GONE. including the much coveted chainsaw.  *tear*  Not only was everything gone (except for some records, a bread machine, and some tupperware) but there were so many people there that we checked our car clock to make sure we weren't late!  It was crazy!  I'm pretty sure that we weren't the only family in the area eagerly anticipating the start of lawn sale season.  S. even went up to the couple who were selling everything and asked about the chainsaw.  This mans response?  "oh, people have been coming by all week.  it was one of the first things to go."  Um. seriously?  How is it that you advertise something like this, then sell things during the week before the actual sale.  Look, I understand that you're trying to make money and get rid of your shit because you're moving.  But, come on.  Jeez.  he probably could have made more money if he set up some sort of auction for that freaking chainsaw.  We were so disappointed in this garage sale, that we drove around town for the next half hour or so hoping with all our hearts that someone else maybe, possibly, was having a garage sale too.  No such luck.  One of the good things about this major disappointment of a garage sale?  We were up so early that we got a ridiculous amount of random things done around the house that day. 

I'm pretty sure S. would have preferred the chainsaw, because he would have told EVERYone about his garage sale adventure......

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  1. you seriously need to write a book to publish and sell Celena, not that it's funny Sean didn't get the chainsaw, BUT I laugh, at your telling of it. it's all so true !!!!