im a jerk? no YOU"RE a jerk.

i swear to god.  when S. and i are playing around with dude, he tells us were "jerks"

this is, actually, hilarious to us.

you all might be wanting some explanation about this behavior....read on. 

are S. and i "traditional" parents?  um, maybe.  kinda. sorta?  whatever it is that we ARE classified as parenting wise, i wouldnt say that we are........"up to the times" ?  "current" ?  whatever you might call it.  yes, we yell at dude (and im VERY sure we will yell at princess too), dude has been spanked, he has been put in time out, we dont discuss his feelings for long periods of time when he throws a temper tantrum....he is told to go chill out by himself somewhere and he can come back to the group when hes sufficiently chilled out.  he is made to eat all of his meal, whatever it may be, he is in no way coddled....well, you know, unless hes actually hurt.  but if hes told a hundred times to say, not run in the kitchen, but he does and he slips on the rug and he falls and busts his butt, our reaction is something along the lines of, "are you ok? you are? well, we TOLD you not to run in the kitchen...how did that work out for you?"  all said while we continue to do what we were initially doing.  are we heartless? not in any way whatsoever, we love dude like crazy and are continuously talking about how awesome he is.  but he IS 2, and he needs to figure some of this shit out himself.

other examples....we have told him hes a brat, a booger, that hes a poopy head and that he stinks when he has a shitty diaper (and he laughs. just so you know).  S. and dude play really rough, pretend slapping each other, rolling around and wrestling, and one of S.s favorite things to say to dude?  "youre a jerk."  quite a few months ago, dudes response started to be, "no, youre a jerk."  with a huge smile on his face.  needless to say, S. laughed hysterically and its become their "thing". 

dude is a total sweetheart, cuddles with both of us all the time, says "sweet dreams, love you" on his way to bed,  when he accidentally hits me he says "sorry mama" as he kisses whatever part he hit, he kisses and hugs all of his toys, and his sister, the cats, and gives his "baby dinosaur a "pacifier" and carries it around like a baby. 

but there are other times that he is a total......guy.  one night, he was laying on the floor next to me, he rubbed my head and pushed the hair away from my eyes and said, "i love you mama"  and i got a little choked up.....i told him, "awwwee buddy, i love you so much, youre so sweet"  and he immediately said to me, "shut up. stop it."  my jaw dropped.  S. laughed. a lot.  i (gently) pushed my son, and told him he was a booger.  while i was smiling of course. 

are we possibly raising a boy that will give off major mixed signals to his lady friends? im a little concerned about it.  but at this point, hes so charming that he gets away with it.  dont worry ladies, ill make sure that he can do all the manly things around the house, and know how to clean the house, and he will in no way be an actual jerk to whoever is living with him.

 but for now, hes a jerk :)

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