Cat Shit

a brief glimpse into the craziness that sometimes happens even when the kids are asleep...

sooooo...S. and i have the two cats along with the kiddos.  S. gave galore to me on our 2 year anniversary, and S. was basically followed home by tulah last summer.  galore is gray and white and because of the pattern on her head, it looks like shes wearing a helmet.  tulah is calico and long haired...to the point that its a little annoying because ive never had a long haired cat before.  neither of our cats are "fixed".  why? you may ask....well, because we dont let either of the cats go outside, and because we dont really have the money for it, but BEcause we dont let them outside, we figured this was ok.  when galore started going into heat, it was pretty annoying, but weve gotten to the point where we can deal with the yowling for a few days a month....and were pretty sure that tulah is starting to go into heat now too.

since were pretty sure that tulah is starting to go into heat, when she started up with the yowling last tuesday, i didnt think anything of it.  then i kept noticing her licking her ass....not like its anything out of the ordinary....i figured she was either trying to clean up, or trying to get rid of her, ahem, "itch".  but she kept doing it, so i pointed it out to S. that night.....whatever.  we put the dude to bed, we stay up a while, then we put princess to bed, and as im, um, changing into my pajamas (?) for bed, S. starts getting all mad because tulah is dragging her ass on the carpet a la any sort of dog....it was actually pretty funny!  but because S. is mad, i say, "well, lets check her butt, maybe she has worms"  (i said this because i know we have some fleas in the house, because we just moved into a new appartment where the previous renters had lots of dogs, so worms would be the next step..)  so, S. picks up tulah, and i lean over to lift up that nice fluffy long haired tail to find.....

cat shit stuck in the long fur around her butt.

*heavy sigh*

im actually laughing hysterically at this point.  why? well, im not really sure.  maybe it was because it was 10:30 at night, maybe it was because ive never had to clean cat shit out of my cats butt hair before, maybe it was because S. was pretty annoyed by this point...whatever the reason...i was laughing a lot!!

so, S. held tulah as i tried to grab at the culprit with some paper towels....it didnt work.  i tell S. im going to have to cut it out.

S. puts on his winter jacket and gloves, grabs at tulah...she runs.  we get her into the bathroom...but as S. is trying to get her into a position where he can hold her and i can take the scissors to the troubled area, galore is freaking out because tulah is crying and galore keeps trying to jump up on me and S.

we kick galore out of the bathroom.

some more craziness ensues as S. wrestles tulah to the floor.

the end result of this scene is....me (in my "pajamas") on my knees on the bathroom floor holding the door shut with my foot to keep galore out and tulah in, S. holding tulah down on the floor on her side, tulahs yowling/hissing, S. is complaining about how she bit him through his gloves, and im lifting up her tail and trying to cut out the piece of crap stuck in her butt hair while also trying to do it Quickly so she dosnt move and i end up stabbing her somewhere.....i finish...we let tulah go.  we go to bed, laughing. 

tulah didnt sleep with us all night.

yes, this is our life.

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