wheres the rake??

LOL dont worry, i actually do know where it is, trust me, we need it!  and im pretty sure that dude is going to LOVE jumping into leaves this year....last year...he wanted nothing to do with it.

saturday we went up to my parents house so dad could help S. do some work on his truck :)  then we ordered in yummmmmy chinese food for supper!!  even though S. and i drove home seperately (he was doing work on his brakes, so i drove my truck behind him just in case!) we both decided that we needed to have chinese food for supper :) 

sunday S. hung out with dude and went for a walk in the woods while i went to my cousins baby shower :)  it was nice to see grammie and my aunt k., and cuz and i had our babies "play together"....which means we stood with our bellies touching LOL it was cute :)
 and it was dads birthday, so i got to bring home some birthday cake :)

i love love love getting presents for baby girl!!  did i forget how much i love itty bitty baby clothes?  noooo....but its kinda crazy seeing them all again LOL  S.s grandma j. sent us a package with some clothes, and a toy for dude LOL :)  its so fun!!!  i cant handle the cuteness!! 

dude and i have a playgroup to go to today :)  and some errands to run, OF COURSE...  :) 

im getting really excited for dudes birthday :) 
and christmas :) 
and everyone already knows how excited i am for baby girl to come! 

"dont lie, its unattractive"
yeah i laughed hysterically when i heard k.s MOM say this to her yesterday while S. was talking to k. on the phone
god i LOVE hypocrites!!!!

its too bad when girls find the need to hide their pregnancies because theyre so young and self conscious....
all i wear are tight shirts to show off my wonderful belly and the love that S. and i share
yeah im watching reruns of 16 and pregnant LOL  theres nothing else on, so whatever.  LOL

the other day i painted my toenails....pink...and dude was verrry intrigued by this, and wanted me to paint his toenails too....i had to sayyyy "nope, sorry bud, your dad would NOT be happy if he came home and you had pink toes" 
i know he lets a lot of things slide, but im pretty sure that wouldnt!

the other day, at mom and dads, dude talked a lot about l., the new neighbor girl (whos 4!) soooo, my dad got him to pick a flower to give to l. when we got home....and he did...and she put the flower in her hair...and yesterday he was saying "love l___" 
 its already started....

S. and i discussed when the last day of "work" should be for me!!!  now i just have to tell my boss!!!  WOOOOHOOO!!! 
why the quotations around "work" ?  because, lets be honest...its NOT really going to be my last day of work with 2 kids in the picture!!!  but im more excited to be home and working than doing something else

i really really really appreciate that S has been so supportive, and patient, and loving with me
 :D  <3<3<3 
and hes such an awesome dad, i cant wait to see him holding our newborn baby girl in the delivery room, and hes so cute showing dude things, and reading to him all the time...

i love him so much and im so happy i have him in my life <3

<3 <3 <3


were almost there baby, were almost there!!

yup, im 29 weeks today!! :D 

 baby girl is doing awesome, and so am i :D  although im pretty uncomfortable because it seems like my belly is so big, im sooooooooo glad that i dont have any pregnancy problems other than a little acid reflux :)  S. is constantly rubbing my belly, and the other night he actually felt her rub one body part or another along the entire bottom of my belly directly under where S.s hand was 
he was so freaked out it was hilarious!!

ive been doing some major "nesting" ..... cleaning, organizing, and going through all of the stuff in the house :)  the crib is all set up in our room, and i just need to go through and organize all of her clothes

apple picking with dude last monday was so fun :)  all he said the whole time was "apple picking"  and we got some HUGE apples called honey crisp, they are so freaking good!!  i ended up making 2 pies, one for us, one for my parents and eveyone loved them!  which is cool since they were the first apple pies ive EVER made

dude is now saying words like,  "crocodile", "hippopotamus", "rhinocerous", "cheetah", "ambulance",     the  list goes on and on
smart boy <3 
he asks me and S. if were ok if he hears us drop something or stub our toes, and he tells us to be careful,  and hes been taking all of S.s tools out of his tool box to go "work on" S.s truck, all S. and i ever talk about is how awesome our son is LOL.......well, actually, no its not ALLLLL we ever talk about LOL
but you know what i mean.... 

the leaves are changing so fast!!  and i cant wait to get some pumpkins!  and maybe some corn stalks for the front steps :)

im excited to go to my cousins baby shower on sunday :) 

ive already decided what im going to do with my hair (how im going to get it cut and colored) after baby girl  is born :D 
S. was excited when i told him :D 

now im off :)  S. gets off work early on fridays, and weve got stuff planned for the afternoon :D




THATS an interesting development

ahhhhhhh monday morning :)

im so excited to take dude apple picking today!!  were going with our home head start group, and i know dude is going to LOVE it because, 1. he now eats apples like crazy, i mean without me having to cut them up, because S. is always climbing the apple tree out back to get him wild apples  and 2. because there is also going to be a tractor ride....im pretty sure dude is going to try to DRIVE the tractor though   thennnnn ill be doing some baking this afternoon...with apples of course...pie? turnovers?  im not sure yet :)  and im really excited for this weekend too because S., since he cant come pick apples today, wants all of us to go to an orchard to get more apples :)  hes so funny, i never pictured him as the "pick fruit as a family" type, but he gets so excited about it LOL  <3

this weekend was really good...saturday S. helped out dad some more on the addition, so i got to hang out with mom and nana and dude again for the day <3  dude worked some more on building his brush pile, hes so hilarious!!  im going to be putting pictures up on facebook soon :) we alsoooo colored some pictures with grams, played with trucks, and picked green beans in the garden while dude chased a HUGE frog LOL and even though the days are definately turning cooler, it was still a wicked nice day! 

then yesterday me, S., and dude went to the fair!!  (after i worked and S. and dude went to buy a lathe LOL)  we got there around 2, played some games, and of course the first toy that dude picked out was a box of cars LOL  (hes sooooo all about them right now!!)  we of course checked out alllll of the animals - cows, horses, chickens. and dude went CRAAAAZAY in the petting zoo area LOL  he had to pet alllll of the sheep, and i almost got knocked over by some itty bitty goats who just wanted the food i had in my hand!!  S. took dude on the merry-go-round this year :D  it was soooo cute!! <3  and of course dude loved it this year <3  we got some food (yes, of course i got the fried dough i was craving!) then dude just HAD to stand and watch all the tractors set up for the oxen pull LOL, some more games, and the exhibition hall and animal shelter room later, we were all EXhausted so we got out of there in time for dude to come home and play then have a late supper....of course S. and i stayed up late ;P   but it really was an awesome day!!

S. and i had a verrrrry interesting call last week from the child support caseworker! 
imagine that, they DID have his number LOL 
and we learned of some very, verrrry IN.ter.es.ting developments!! 

i am definately counting down the days until i can stop working

we brought home the cradle from my parents house on saturday too <3 

my new obsession??  coffee house chai latte creamer  YUM

i GUESS i should get going for the day.... its almost 7, and although i bet dude will sleep in after yesterday, i should still get ready for the day just in case he dosnt LOL 



oooooo lookie here LOL


saturday was so much fun!!  we left the house early, made it to massachusetts just before noon, and got to hang out at the birthday party until 4 before we had to leave :D  m nephew n. is a wicked cutie, dude had so much fun riding on my nieces trike, the food was awesome!  i got to see my SILs family who i havent seen in a long time, mom, dad, grammie and grampa were there too, (grampa was really cute, at one point, he came over to me and let me have some of the home made dill pickles off his plate hehehe :)  he knows how much im loving them right now! )  then on the way home we had some supper at wendys (YUM!)  and made it home by 7/7:30 just in time for dude to play a little bit, then after we put him to bed we hung out with the neighbors in front of our place for a few hours :)

sunday i worked for a little bit, we made a trip to walmart, then there was a lot of playing!!!

monday dude and i went to playgroup, which was PACKed, but really fun.  then i spent a few hours baking that afternoon, then more playing outside with dude :)  well, we DO have to take advantage of the nice weather right??  and S. actually got to talk to k. for a little bit monday night (thats a funny story).

today i got out of work EARLY, got to spend a little bit of time with nana, now dude is taking a nap, and ive got all the windows open :)

the fair is next week!!!!  we drove past the fairgrounds on the way home and you can see all the rides being set up!!!  were so excited to take dude this year!  and yes, yes i WILL be having a funnel cake this year!  and its ok that i cant go on rides really, i just really want to take dude on some rides :)  and im pretty sure well be going to the demolition derby saturday night!

S.s a wicked cutie, he bought me some more vargas girl pictures off of ebay last week <3  he knows how much i love them and he picked out some really good ones for me :)  i cant wait to get some frames for them. <3 <3 <3

oooohhh and were really exited because the playgroup that we were taking dude to last school year is starting up again next week!! 

baby girl is growing like a weeeeeed!!!  but yes i still look like im not pregnant from behind  i swear shes doing gymnastics in there!!  i cant wait to pick up the cradle from mom and dads house :)  and i need to move a few things in our bedroom so we can put the cradle in there :)

so yeah, k.s mom texted us friday night, to tell S. she would be gone allllll weekend, then busy sunday night, so S. couldnt call k. until monday night between 5 and 6:30.....am i the only one who thinks this is absolutely ridiculous?? (actually, i know im not!!)  k.s mom has been changing when S. can call EVERY week for about the past month or so now.  she claims that k. has a "schedule"  and a structured life....im not seeing it.  how can k. be excited about daddy calling, and want to talk to daddy every week, if there is no set day and time that he can call??  it makes no sense whatsoever!!  surprisingly, S. was able to get k. to talk, even though at first she said she didnt want to...you seeeeeee......k.s mom always lets it go as soon as k. says she dosnt want to talk. obviously k.s mind can be changed. 

then as the mom was about to hang up, she tells S..."you need to call the child support agency to give them your new phone number, the new case worker dosnt have your number and she called here to let me know....its your responsibility to keep the child support agency imformed about your whereabouts."  

yeahhhhhh, a couple things about that....

1) a new case worker??  thats interesting.  
 2)  the child support agency does know S.s whereabouts, we received information in the mail from them a few weeks ago.  they also know his place of employment right? right. 
3) we received a call from the supervisor just last thursday, on our phone,
so they do have our current number. 
 4)  we received a phone call from your old case worker only a few weeks ago, so she has our current numberthat information should have been passed along with the case files  right?  right
5)  how would S. know that you have a new case worker?  sooo.... what?  hes supposed to continuously call on the off hand chance that he has to keep a new case worker updated as to his information? um, no. 

 like i said, weve been in contact with the supervisor, we have done our part on keeping the child support agency informed of S.s whereabouts, and his place of employment, and his current phone number. 

nice try with that one you idiot.


i have recently been introduced to a new website called ravelry.com and im very very very excited about it!!  its all free patterns for knitting and crocheting and its awwwweeesooommmmee :D 

<3 <3 <3


well, thats an annoying smell to wake up to....

yeah that sounds bad,  but honestly, it smelled like skunk in our house a little bit....just enough to be gross....its like the smell leaked through the walls or something, WTF??   but its gone now so its ok!

its been a busy/chill week...how does that happen?  well, a day of being crazy busy, followed by relaxation and hardcore playing :) 

wednesday dude and i did some shopping, ran into my aunt r. and nana at the dunkin donuts :)  then we all went to see my aunt l.  ( <3 thinking of you ), went to the bank, the bookstore, the chiropractors, the jewelry store....craziness!!  dude was of course asleep by the time we got home...so i had lunch (a BIG lunch LOL) while he slept. and yes even though ive been making a lot of pickles, i cant get enough of cucumber sandwiches :D  we didnt go outside a lot that afternoon because it was raining (ugh, alllll day) but S. took dude out after supper :) 

yesterday....i HAD plans, but i pretty much just cancelled them because....well, because i wanted to LOL  but dude and i DID have a visit from our home head start visitor, then we went to nanas house to have lunch with her and daddy, then after we got home and dude took a nap we went outside for a long time :)  we ate blackberries, ran his bike through puddles, got the mail, and waited with the neighbors to get their children off the schoolbus :D  dude was so cute yelling out "SCHOOL BUS!!"  then i talked with our new neighbor for a little bit, and got to talk to a girlfriend of mine on the phone, which its been a while!!, S. got home, and i made supper, and then took pictures while S. took dude out after supper.......wow when i write it all down it seems a lot crazier than it actually was LOL  i was inside cleaning up after supper, so i didnt actually see this happen, but S. told me about how they were next door with the new neighbors, and they have 2 girls, and they and dude were all sitting on the front steps of the apartment looking at books together <3  how friggen cute is that??  

annnnnd im verrrry excited for my nephews birthday party on saturday!!  but im hoping the 3 hour drive dosnt kill my back.....

time is flying by WICKed fast now that im past the 20 week mark!!


<3 <3 <3


raining? not any more :)

yesterday was such a chill, relaxed day at our house :)  S. went to my nanas house for an hour or so to do the weedwacking for her, then when he got back he watched dude for me and played his new video game for a while so i could do some baking :)  i put up 5 (large) jars of pickles, got 3 loaves of breads made, and 2 awesome looking pecan pies made!  we hung out with the new neighbors for a little bit, tried to get dude to take a nap, but he was having nothing to do with it!!  poor boy fell asleep while eating hamburgers S. had made for supper  he was not happy when S. woke him up to give him a bath, but then he cuddled with both of us wicked afterwards on the couch <3 annnnnnd i got an awesome back massage from S. too :P

the day started off gross and rainy, but now the sun is out :)  and baby girl is kicking like crazy which i love love love :D  when i dropped dude off at my nanas earlier, he decided to drive his toy car all over my face while i was giving him a hug, it was so cute :)   annnnnd he was speaking in full sentences...and saying "see you later"  to me <3  smart boy 

im very very excited for this weekend :)  and i need to do some shopping for birthday presents...which also reminds me, i need to start planning for dudes 2 year birthday party (!!!)

(i hate it when i leave the house and i just know that ive forgotten something, then spend however many minutes going through all the appliances and such in the house to make sure i actually turned them off....this morning....the only thing i had forgotten...was my breakfast *sigh* 
talk about "mommy mush brain" )

another funny thing: that somehow, somehow, my eyes still manage to be bigger than my stomach LOL  it neverrrrrrr stopsssssss....

<3 <3 <3



wide awake! Good Morning!


yup, its 6 am, ive been up since 5.....but thats cool :D

its been an awesome weekend so far and i cant wait for today!  i need to make some banana bread, zucchini bread, and i had planned on making a pecan pie for S., so i think im going to make one for my parents too?  mmmmmm sounds yummy already!  and i also want to put up another round of pickles....and i need to cut up a bunch of zucchini to freeze....i also need to get those jelly jars i need for later this week...maybe. i might put it off until next week, we'll see.

lets seeeeee....thursday afternoon we hung out after S. got home from work early (enjoying the power! LOL)  then we picked up some stuff at walmart. 

friday morning S. went up to my parents house to help start the addition theyre putting on :) he loved the demolition!  then he rushed home to pick up me and dude...i had just taken my glucola (and yeah, it still sucks in case you were wondering) and we went to the docs..it was all routine, the doc thinks baby girl  is about 2 pounds at this point :)  i thought wed be having an unltrasound, but we didnt :(  oh well, they said i have to wait until im 32 weeks to have another one done... *sigh*  (and holy crap!! ive gained 19 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy LOL no wonder my back friggen hurts all the time!!  yours would hurt too if you were carrying 19 pounds all in your stomach!!)  a little blood work to test for the diabetes...then we were outta there and S. dropped us off at the house so he could go to my nanas to mow the lawn :)

saturday we all slept in (again!!  we slept in friday too!) then after some cinnamon rolls for breakfast...S. headed to my parents house (after stopping at the post office to mail some stuff) to help some more with the addition, and i headed up a few minutes later.  i got to spend the whole day with my mom and dude, and nana came up for a while too, it was really nice :D  dude played on the tractor, mom taught him how to build a brush pile LOL it was really cute because dude kept taking the really big pieces of wood from mom so that she wouldnt have to carry them :)  dad took dude for quite a few 4 wheeler rides, dude even fell asleep during one of the rides it was hysterical!! :D  (and extraordinarily cute

sunday......i worked for a little bit, and when i got home we went to walmart to pick up a few groceries and get some new sippy cups for dude (of course he picked out the dinosaurs :)  and we also got some stuff for baby girl  :) S.s realllly cute picking out clothes for her :)  we decided to pick up a few things whenever we go so we can get everything we need over a few months :)  oh, and yes, S. finally got the video game hes been wanting for months LOL  while we were in walmart it started raining, and we could actually hear the thunder inside the store!  it was crazy!!  it downpoured for a while, and the lightening was great to watch :)  its been a long time since ive seen a really good lightening storm :)  but then it cleared up and S. cooked steaks on the grill for supper, and i made squash and string beans yumm!!

HA!!  yesterday S. called k, (because the mother has AGAIN changed what day S. can call, i mean its getting a little ridiculous)  and imagine that, k. gave S. attitude the whole time because she just wanted to go across the street to play with her friend....she didnt even talk to S.  but surprise surprise we could hear the grandmother in the background telling k. to stop having attitude and to stop being rude on the phone...did S. yelling at the k.s mom last week actually make a difference and theyre going to start making k. have some respect??  doubtful!!  because there was no follow through whatsoever....how about some consequences??  like "if you continue to be rude to your father, and you dont talk to him, then you cant go across the street to play"  ??  that would make sense wouldnt it??  yeah, even our not yet 2 year old son has consequences!!  and follow through!! 

last night S. and i were looking through a bunch of my artwork that i had brought home from mom and dads on saturday.  S. loves my artwork and hes been pushing me for a long time to get back into it...and last night i realized that hes right :)  its cool that hes so supportive of the things that im good at, and the things that i enjoy doing, and that he wants to see me do more because he loves my artwork so much :)  we found a few pieces that were going to be putting up in the apartment (along with the new vargas girl i found in an antique store last weekend!!  talk about a cool find!  ive been looking for another one for a long time now, and the poem is really cool too, called "victory for a soldier")  i think were going to run out of wall space soon...

and a sidenote...i somehow got a little bit of poison ivy on my forearm...WTF?!?!?!  this pregnancy has made my skin so sensitve that its getting a little annoying....hence the hives (that i havent had since i was a kid, and the poison ivy that i havent had since i was a kid!!)  at least i can still use scented lotions and soaps thank god!!!!  welll, no more walking in that part of the woods with dude!!!

other observations? 

its funny when people ride by on their motorcycles and theyre smoking cigarrettes

S. and i both think that dudes "no" phase is actually really funny (even if it can be frustrating sometimes)

S. loves the fact that sometimes he trips over dudes toys (because every once in a while they get left in the middle of the floor) more specifically, he laughed a lot last night after tripping over the triceratops (sp?) that we got him the other day :) 

we like our new neighbors :)  and they have kittens they need to get rid of, and were trying to figure out if we want to get one now for baby girl, or wait until shes older, and they have a business on etsy and i need to pick theyre brains about it!!

i thiiiiiink thats all for now :) 

i need to go put some poison ivy drying stuff on my arm


go ahead :D

sooooo, last wednesday, S. was supposed to talk to k.....after he FINALLY got through, k. was in the worst mood, but S. kept telling the e.w. that its really important that he talks to k. today (because he and i had decided that it was time to let k. know that i was pregnant).  when sean told the e.w. WHY he wanted to talk to k. (she didnt know about the pregnancy until this point, even though she played it off like she did) she went off on a rant about how it is not up to S. to tell k. that he and i are having a baby....apparently this is something that THE E.W. would decide when and where and how to tell k....i know i know, because the e.w. has a SAY in mine and S.s lives and what we do, and how we deal with life changes and how k. comes to find out about them.  ridiculous.  then, because k. had heard her mom bitching out S. for god knows how long, k. refused to talk to S., when he finally got her on the line, he said...."k. weve got good.."  and the e.w had already hung up on him. 

how is it in any way her right to say that S. cannot tell his daughter that she is going to have a sister?? 
yeah i dont know either.

S. and i decided to tell k. because we want to give her some time to get used to the idea.  at first, we werent going to tell either of them until december after baby girl is already born, but we are sure that this would do more harm to k. than if she found out now.  but apparently S. and i are horrible parents and have no idea when we should inform a little girl of the fact that shes going to be a big sister again.  and yes im saying "big sister"  because even though the e.w. is INSISTING on the fact that k. will only have a HALF sister, S. and i are NOT going to use that wording...k. has a BROTHER and will have a SISTER.  it donst matter if they do not live together, or near each other, they are RELATED.  i highly doubt that IF the e.w. ever gets married (again) and has more children, that she will stress the fact that those children will also be "half" siblings to k.

then the e.w. went on to tell S. that he is stupid to have another baby.

listen, honey, S. and i know youre jealous,  its ok :)  but you should really grow up.  S. and i LOVE each other, we WANT to have a family together.  we PLANNED this pregnancy, just like we PLANNED my pregnancy with dude.  we are very excited about baby girl :D  if we had thought in any way that we werent ready for another child, we wouldnt have been TRYING for another child.  we talked about another pregnancy, like adults do, and went over everything that another child would entail, especially the financial aspect of it, and trust me, we can handle it :)

just because you dont like our decision....just because you dont like the fact that S. never wanted to have another child with you,
dosnt mean that were stupid to have another baby :)


on thursday, S. called again, to try and talk to k. since he couldnt talk to her wednesday.  and god was she in a friggen mood.  she was yelling at her mom, and at S., and being downright rude....there is no way whatsoever that i will ever let my children talk to another adult the way that k. spoke on thursday.  S. feels the same way, and he made it known that he thought that k. was acting completely inappropriately.  unfortunately, he made it known by making a statement, that as soon as it came out of his mouth, i knew that his e.w. was going to flip shit.  and i was right.  it wasnt pretty.

after S. hung up on his e.w. multiple times....i pointed out to him why she was freaking out, why this was the worst statement he could have ever made.  and, i pointed out to him, that just because hes mad about the way that k. is being raised, and how she has no respect for people, that he shouldnt let his anger take over and make statements that are in no way true.  S. has never laid a hand on dude, or me. ever. and i know that he wouldnt raise a hand to any other child.  and i know that he wouldnt raise his hand to another adult unless he was defending himself or his family.  S. is an amazing, loving, fun, gentle father and fiance...yes he has spanked dude, thats different. but he actually dosnt  have to anymore, because dude, even at his young age, has learned how to behave.  when people are mad, they say things that they dont mean, and i know that S. wouldnt want to protray himself in that way just because his e.w. is a crappy mother and cant make k. be respectful on the phone.

so S. called to apologize, and we had to listen to his e.w. go on and on and on and on about stupid stuff....god i just wanted him to apologize and she started talking to him like they were best friends again, trying to get him to open up to her and talk to her. 

it was sad. 
i cant believe she continues to make a fool of herself in that way. 
she reallllllly needs to let go of S.. 
dosnt she have a "boyfriend"??

if anyone had seen the reactions to her talking on mine and S.s end, they would have been laughing hysterically :D

other things brought up during the fight?  LOL...the e.w. is bitching about the fact that i write about her in my blogs!  she claims that her friends are sending her these blogs for her to read.....well guess what honey...if you dont like that your "friends" are doing this...tell them to stop!!!!  if you dont like what im writing about you...dont fucking read them!!! 


oh and she could sue me and get a restraining order against me.  

1.  what are you going to sue me for?  i work one day a week, until late november that is, so if you want to waste your time and money for THAT, go ahead :D
2.  a restraining order? so i cant go near your house? oh DAMN!! 
yeah, i dont care
3.  i have never made a threatening statement in any way whatsoever towards you, your daughter, or even towards your grandmother, so good luck getting that.
all i have ever written about is the fact that you have no moral values whatsoever and that you suck as a mother.  alllll opinions....like i said before, if you dont like it, dont freaking read my blogs!!
4.  i have never used your name.  :)

{ and you should remember that the knife cuts both ways if you really want to start this shit :) }

and thats whats going on with that :D

S. and i got our power back yesterday!!  were having an awesome week and totally looking forward to the long weekend, and especially towards our doctors appointment tomorrow so we can see more pictures of our baby girl :D

<3 <3 <3