thoughts to fill the time during this rainy afternoon

i CANNOT wait to fly to Kentucky this summer with my man and dude :)  its going to be awesome to see the in-laws again and to finally meet my mans grandmother!

i dont like that its nasty out and kinda raining and hailing....im not excited to drive home in this

but i am excited to get home and see the men in my life (my signifigant other and my son)  :D

i LOVE hearing dude talk to himself in his crib

and i love the fact that hes such a chatterbox LOL  i hope he stays that way :D

but being used as a jungle gym can sometimes be uncomfortable.....

i love how often my man cooks supper and then does the dishes
because hes awesome and knows how hard i work and he wants to help me out :D

actually, yeah, i just love him in general <3

and i also love how excited he is too :D

and i love the Pandigital reader he just bought me :D


get ready....

for this one :)  for some people, it just might feel like a kick to the teeth :D LOL