observations....some random ones too

why is it impossible for some people to accept facts?  ex:  my mans ex wife refuses to accept that dude IS his son, and that he HAS moved on and he IS happy :D

why is one pump of lotion never enough, but two pumps is too much?

even though its very funny, it is also very frustrating that i literally have to negotiate with my 16 month old son to let ME use the vacuum....then we have to take turns vacuuming the apartment floor....

why am i negotiating with a 16 month old?

i dont want dude to ever grow out of his cuddly phase, but i know that this is inevitable :(

revenge can, and will be, so so sweet.

why do i ALWAYS manage to f**k up my left big toe when i go out drinkin?  seriously.... why??

i love the look on dudes face when he sees his daddy :)

even though there are things that my man and i will never agree on, it definately makes things interesting.

i love the fact that my man always takes the garbage out without me asking him to :)

why do some people continue to be friends with a person who has continuously screwed them over? 

it is sometimes, sadly, hard to find the product that i want, thats been made in the USA.

i love thursday night playgroups with dude and my man :)

my man is an awesome dad :)

i hate goin out, and theres no music playing at the bar....this is why i will spend so much money on the jukebox lol!!

heres to, my man grillin out on sunday afternoons, my baby boys eyes that are the same as his daddys, going to kentucky this summer with the family, iron on letters, dudes new BB gun, phone calls and messages that make us laugh, a certain someones ridiculousness, grandparents, dudes instinctive "boy" attitude about the remote, goin out on the town with my fiance, the possibilities, and this weekend :D 


in the beginning

ahhh things used to be so easy, uncomplicated, i knew what was going to happen every day.....now, not. so. much.  but thats ok, i can handle everything that comes my way.

a lot of major things have happened in the past few years, things that i will go into detail later on, but for now, just a short one.

"sometimes 'nothin' is a pretty cool hand to have"

and that explains it all.  that explains all of the blogs that i will ever write. 


i call it. 

this is me raising my glass and calling your bluff baby, cause you aint got nothin! :D