Lazy Day....

is there such a thing when you have a 2 year old and a newborn? 
 um...yeah, yeah there is LOL

especially when your newborn sleeps all the time, and your 2 year old will sit in the dining room and amuse himself for the 20 minutes that youre in the shower :D  gotta love it!!  soooo....there was a nice long hot shower for me....dude and i got dressed for the day (princess is still sleeping, so shell get changed later) and now dude is watching "super why"  he friggen LOVES this show!!  like, L.O.V.E.S it with a passion LOL  but hes so awesome at his letters and sometimes he points out letters to us and says "super why"  like  "T!!  SUPER WHY!!"  so its obvious that hes learning about letters on the show.....soooo yeahhhh i put up with it....the show i DONT put up with??  "sid the science kid"  god  that show annoys the hell out of me!!

things have been chill around here :)

sunday S. and i left the kids with my parents, then took the 4wheeler down to my parents camp and found a christmas tree! :)  it was fun being out with just S., even though it was COLD!! then we ran to walmart for a few things, including some more christmas presents...but it was reallllly quick, cause i wasnt feeling that good...but im all better now :)  got home, S. called k., {{surprise surprise they had gone to spend the weekend in raleigh to go christmas shopping...i wonder if she (k.s mom) brought her current boyfriend along...like she brought her boyfriend of the month last christmas season too   LOL its kinda sad that her grandmother is such an enabler that she will pay for hotel rooms for her and whatever guys she happens to be dating that month.....}}  then S. did some work outside, and then he and dude put the tree up, and we all decorated it (well, princess "supervised") :D  S. was really cute wearing reindeer horns and hanging lights <3 :D 

something that is seriously concerning S. and i though?  whenever S. asks k. about her moms new boyfriend....she gets reallllly quiet, sounds sad, refuses to talk about him, has to be coached to talk (we can hear people telling her things in the background) and it causes an all around uneasy feeling in mine and S.s guts.....thats not good.  especially after she just spent a long weekend (over thanksgiving) with her mom and her moms new boyfriend, and k. has nothing good to say about it or him.....at one point k. told S. she dosnt like the new boyfriend, so S. asked her "why?"  then we could hear people talking to her in the background, then k. proceeds to tell S. that shes just joking, but shes not laughing at all....hmmmm.  *uneasy feelings in our guts grows* 

(and k.s mom claims that i try to get involved in k.s and S. conversations? yeah, ok. )

there has been lots and lots of celebrating at our house lately :D

im totally craving some chicken alfredo.....

and i think im going to make gingerbread men later today :D

ohhhh goooooood.....dinosaur train is on.......but you see, this is what dude and i do....we compromise (he recently learned this word).....he gets to watch a few shows that he wants, then its mamas turn :)  yes, my son has watched law and order SVU    LOL   and now he loves nightmare before christmas too :)  just like daddy <3  

our new favorite game to play with dude?  we "take" his nose and put it in our pocket LOL he laughs hysterically, but then gets kind of distressed .... is this a little mean because were laughing the whole time? yeah maybe, but its seriously funny LOL hes started "taking" our noses and putting them in his pocket :)  this is the game for the supper table every night <3  annnnd my son will occasionally look at me, out of the blue, and tell me im a booger LOL  <3

princess is doing great!!  shes so sweet :D  and almost back to her birth weight, only a couple more ounces to gain, but its obvious that shes putting on weight, and her face is rounding out <3  shes more alert now when shes awake, and dosnt fall asleep as soon as shes done eating :)  we had to start her on formula, because like when i was breastfeeding dude....my body just dosnt like it, and stopped producing enough milk...oh well, a couple of weeks breastfeeding is better than not at all :)  the drawback?  formula scented burps...gross LOL

something i love?  sleepy milk drunk face LOL  im sure you all know what im talking about :D

and even though i know its just gas, it still makes me smile when she smiles in her sleep <3

i found some t shirts on etsy of a lumberjack punching a bear, and im thinking about getting one for S. for christmas LOl and i want to message the guy and see if i can get a shirt of a princess punching a unicorn LOL i think that would be funnnnny LOL :D

alrrriiiiightt time to go :)  i think dinosaur train is almost over  LOL and i want to start a load of laundry before princess wakes up :) 

<3 <3 <3

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