Cold Feet

cold feet suck.

i got up with princess a little while ago, put S.s sweatpants on and came downstairs to give her a bottle and a diaper change.....and in my still-asleep-blur, i completely forgot that usually the hardwood floors downstairs are pretty cold at 4:45 am, whether or not the stove has been roaring all night long......soooooo.....princess is passed out on my chest (yes i CAN write a blog while a baby sleeps on me LOL) and i mean majorly passed out, so i dont want to move to get a blanket.....now the top half of me is like being in a furnace, and i have my feet tucked up under me trying to warm them and im even eyeballing the burp cloth wondering if it will give off any sort of warmth......maybe this laptop sitting on my lap will spread some warmth downwards towards my feet...i can only hope.   now i know what S. is complaining about every night when i put my feet on him when we get into bed LOL :D

f**k it im getting a blanket......


now on to the important stuff :)

S. and i are so friggen excted for christmas its unbelievable!!!!   seriously, we strolled around, debating for at least 2 hours yesterday (and of course weve been debating for at least a month now) trying to find the perfect "santa" present for dude....it was intense   lol not really...  but we finally agreed on something, i distracted dude by taking him to another part of the store, and when he was asking for daddy, well, i told him that daddy had to go have a conversation with santa lol :)  and S. went and bought this HUGE ASS firetruck with all of the bells and whistles - i dont even know how im going to wrap it -  its big enough for him to ride on - and we cant wait to see dudes eyes light up <3  i was organizing presents last night, and these kids are going to make out like bandits LOL

S. and i got even MORE good news on thursday!!!!!  talk about karma!!!  :D

i think im going to avoid walmart like the plague for the next week......talk about "shoot myself in the foot" ridiculously packed with friggen annoying and rude people.....ugh....

may i have been one of those people at one point?  yeah, i would like to think "no"   but i do know that there were times that the four of us were blocking the aisle for some reason or another, or i was standing, looking at toys and baby clothes, and my eyes were so glazed over from all of the overstimulation of the christmas on steroids decorations and music that i didnt notice for a few seconds that someone was trying to get past me/us.... so if i was one of those "friggen annoying and rude people" to any of you, im sorry and im also sorry for being a little bit of a hypocrite LOL  tis the season LOL

im going to try and get my hair done before christmas! :) 

the kids are doing great...im pretty sure dude is getting bigger every day :)  and princess has been sleeping through the night for the past couple of weeks now :)  S. and i are always telling each other we have beautiful, awesome kids <3 <3 <3

the other day S. laughed at me when i told him... "listen, you think i dont have enough to do around here?  you think i have time to turn your socks right side out when im folding clothes AND match them too?  so, from now on, if you dont turn your socks right side out when you take them off, theyre going to get washed and then im throwing them back into your sock drawer, just like that, im not even going to match them.  seriously."  he was laughing so hard by the time i was done with this spiel, i mean, i was saying it with a smile on my face, and laughing, not freaking out on him at all LOL.....well have to see if he takes me seriously...
because im very serious LOL :D  i love him <3

i just somehow managed to feed the cats while still holding princess, and shes still sleeping.....im kind of impressed with myself...why did i suddenly have to feed the cats?  because i hadnt realized that there was no food is their dish until i took away the package of cat treats that tulah/tuna was dragging across the floor and trying to open up *sigh*

i think im done for now....

i also think im going to have to go so i can deal with tulah, who is now trying to rip the gold garland off of our tree....WTF cat??  just because im up, dosnt mean you have to go crazy ape shit all over the house....both cats are running back and forth from the tree to the stairs, at top speed, so that its incredibly loud and if this wakes dude up im going to be annoyed.

but, this is slightly (not a lot) better than when dude is running at top speed from the tree, to the dining room, to the bathroom, while screaming at the top of his lungs, because, you know, thats the thing to do right before bedtime.  S. loves this, seriously, loves when dude does this.....i dont understand it, but i love that S. loves it <3 and you know, when dude stops, and smiles at me, i cant help but smile back at him and love it too :) <3

pancakes for breakfast?
helllllll yeahhhh.....

<3 <3 <3

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