an all around update

first and foremost...im laying on my stomach to write this LOL
what fun!!

life is awesome!!

of course princess was born, dude is doing awesome with the whole "little sister" thing :)  sometimes he calls her a lazy bum like i do, sometimes he calls her princess like daddy does <3  he asks to hold her all the time, gives her kisses, and cuddles next to her on the couch...
the other day i looked over and he was holding her hand while he was watching "how the grinch stole christmas"

after she was born, and we saw dude after he spent the night with my parents, he looked so big!! 
i swear it was hilarious!!  were pretty sure he grew a lot in those 24 hours!  and changing his diaper is hilarious because his little butt looks so huge compared to princess' LOL :D

the whole sleep deprivation thing? 
well, obviously im used to it, because even though dude sleeps through the night, now if i have to get up with princess, im ok the next day...that works out very well!

S. got a new job!!  hes so excited about it and he starts right after christmas!! 
were talking about moving into a different apartment soon too!!

were talking a lot about buying a piece of land and building a yurt!
yes im serious! 
we were talking to our neighbors about it, they used to live in one, and they showed us some pictures, and were seriously talking about it :) 

the house looks really funny with so much pink spread all around it now :D

S. and i moved dudes toy box into the dining room today because it was in the corner where we want to put our christmas tree tomorrow.....wow was that a chore!! 
we were both laughing the whole time because i guess we didnt really realize how many toys he has!

so yes, getting our christmas tree tomorrow....im very excited about it! 
and although it will be nice to not have to tromp through a couple of feet of snow, in the woods, up to my parents house...its also kind of annoying in a way....i mean, i keep looking out the window and thinking that i still have lots of time to prepare for christmas, because it dosnt feel like christmas with no snow on the ground....then i look at the calendar, and hyperventilate just a little LOL 
its not like we have a lot to do, but still....
you know?

it was funny when i realized the other day that this year well actually have to keep all the presents hidden until christmas eve...because dude would open up everything as soon as it was put under the tree LOL  annnnd there will most likely be lots of paper and other soft type ornaments on the tree this year, not just because of dude...but also because im pretty sure that at some point tulah will be climbing the tree....

and actually, no, i dont like christmas music.

S. and i have both been working really hard on our business, hes been turning wood mallets on his lathe to sell on ebay, and ive been knitting like crazy for my shop on etsy, and its coming along really well :)

annnnnd i guess thats mostly it for now.....
life is really good :D 

<3 <3 <3

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