"Princess" 11.27.11

welcome to the world little girl!! 
born on sunday 11.27.11 at 4:41 am
(yes i just said A.M., im still trying to catch up on my sleep from THAT one lol!!)

wow, S. and i had been saying for MONTHS that our daughter was most likely going to be born thanksgiving weekend....did we ACTually think it would happen??  i dont think soooo...

but it was pretty cool that it did :D

we had a check up on friday the 25th and the doctor told me i was a couple centimeters dialated, i had been having contractions off and on for a few days at that point...so.....S. and i decided that it WAS going to happen that weekend LOL

saturday there was lots of standing...you know, gravity and all LOL, then S. put LOTS of jalapenos on the sandwich that he made for me for lunch (which i love jalapenos and asked for them!)  thennnnnn.....we put dude down for a nap ;P  i was having contractions but they werent regular in any way, i took a nap on the couch, then we went to bed arouuuuundddd....10?  by 11 i was up again and had gone downstairs because my contractions were about 20 minutes apart and WICKed strong!!   i woke S. up around midnight, called the maternity ward, called my parents, texted S.s parents....then waited for mom and dad to show up so dad could watch dude (mom was coming with us)....

S. was so awesome....i was pacing back and forth, trying to not punch things during my contractions, he kept talking to me to distract me, packed our bag for the hospital (yeah, we waited until last minute :P) , held my hand, told me how beautiful i was, and the best thing i heard..."i would do this part for you if i could..."  <3

we all finally got to the hospital around...1:30 or so, and S. and my mom and the ER attendant ran behind me as i waddled/ran/ breathed heavily towards the elevator (the attendant with the ever helpful, there if i need it wheelchair LOL)  as soon as we got to the maternity ward, they got me into a room (they knew we were coming) and we found out that apparently, that night, was verrry popular with the prego ladies, the maternity ward was packed!  sooo, S. helped me get undressed (oh, haha....) we found out i was already about 6 centimeters, i got some drrruuuuuggggsss!!! :D  just some nubane (sp?) in my hand until they could get the anesthesiologist there (of course he was busy with all the other women lol) but it helped, but what helped the most was S. and my mom :)  we were talking about random stuff (yurts mostly LOL) and S. very bravely let me hold his hand through all of my contractions! <3  i actually ended up wrinkling his shirt A LOT because i kept grapping the neck of his shirt too LOL when i was 8 centimeters, the anesthesiologist showed up, and gave me an intrathecal (sp?) its a lighter dosage basically of an epidural, i had the same thing with dude and really liked it.  and although ive forgotten his name, i admit, i told him i loved him...a lot....S. laughed :D so did the anesthesiologist hehe :D  i dont remember a whole lot of stuff that was talked about at this point..i remember laughing hysterically and telling everyone that it was really funny that my butt was numb lol S. and mom were laughing at me a lot because i kept talking about how my butt was numb...then i got the shakes, which was very annoying, but its what happens....at 9 centimeters, the doctor broke my water, i started pushing around 4:15, 4:20 or so, and the really annoying thing?  anybody remember how much ive complained about acid reflux during my pregnancy? yeah well, it got a million times WORSE while i was pushing...i mean...What The F**k?????  it was miserable....im pretty sure thats why i was able to get princess out in about 20 minutes LOL because i was just...Done. (and although she was born with a full head of hair, im pretty sure that she should have had a freaking ponytail with all of the acid reflux i had LOL!!)  S. counted for me, gave me sips of water in between pushes, mom was yelling at me the whole time LOL in a good way of course LOL :D  and S. continued to tell me how beautiful i was, and what a good job i was doing, and how proud he was of me..... and like i said, princess was out of there LOL

i would tell you all about the emotions running rampant in the delivery room at that moment,
but S. says i cant LOL 

they put her on my chest, and S. cut the cord, and then there was LOTS of cuddling and picture taking <3

my mom called dad, S. went with princess to the nursery, there were more pictures, it was all a blur...

the three of us got put into a room (they needed the delivery room i was in for ANOTHer woman who was coming in, seriously it was a busy night for the maternity nurses!!)  mom had left earlier to get dad and dude, and the three of them came so dude could meet his sister :D  <3  although he handled it VERY well, he was much more concerned and focused on the fact that i had an I.V. in and mom told me that this was all he talked about all day and night and even the next day... :(    but he gave her kisses, there were more pictures, then the three of them left (mom and dad took dude for the night since we were going to be in the hospital) thennnn...S. and i slept.. LOL

that night S. let me sleep some more, and when we werent snuggled up in the incredibly small hospital bed, he was pushing princess around the maternity ward in her cradle, and taking her to get her hearing test, and taking pictures, and more pictures, and yes...more pictures LOL i told him, ive NEVER seen him so camera happy LOL <3

S. took the day off monday, and we decided to come home since the doctor cleared princess, and my doctor cleared me (i had no complications whatsoever, meaning NO problems...do you get what im hinting at?a LOL)  and honestly, i wanted to be home, under my own roof, with my family :) so after some visits from family, and S. getting me flowers and balloons from the gift shop, and a couple more hospital meals, a shower, and lots and lots of paperwork, we went home <3

since then.....well, princess is now almost 2 weeks old, and even though she of course lost some weight, being a breastfed baby and all, she is gaining it back, she sleeps allllllll the time...to the point where ive asked people if its normal....because even though i remember lots of stuff about dude being a Baby, after running around after his energetic ass for the last year....both S. and i kinda forgot that princess wouldnt be running around also LOL :D  and S., the big tough Marine?  well, lets just say that i finally understand the phrase "wrapped around her finger" because he is a big mush ball with our daughter LOL hes the sweetest, most wonderful man, has been so helpful, and honestly, sometimes, ive had to say to him... "can i hold her now?"  he worried like crazy about her umbilical cord and he calls her "princess" so much, THATS where her nickname came from LOL  weve been taking turns with bottles, and diaper changes, cuddling (both) our babies, playing hardcore with dude, and the cats LOL....

S., at this moment is playing a video game while princess is sleeping on his chest, he just fed her a bottle after putting dude to bed <3 annnnddd she just spit up all over his chest....and he laughed about it <3 

and my heart swells up with love for him and our children <3

family life may not always be easy,
but its still perfect
<3 <3 <3

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