To Our Son, With Love

i woke up at 5am today.....and my first thought?  what was i doing at this time 2 years ago? 
oh right,
i was crying, mumbling that i couldnt push anymore, and mom was telling me that i could,
that i was almost done! 
 then, 45 minutes later,
dude was born <3

do all moms feel nostalgic on their childrens birthdays?  it seeeeeems.....yes. 

i remember yelling at the doctor to not drop him (hehehehe :) already the protective mama bear!)  and calling S. 2 seconds later (he was in iraq on his second tour)  and all i could do was stare at our perfect son who looked exactly like S. <3

i remember talking to S. every day on skype so he could see dude.  S. would stare at him for the entire time we were on the computer, already feeling so much pride for his son :) he could NOT wait to get home to meet him!  and actually, now that i think about it....i got a nice long hug and kiss...then S. ran to dudes bed to pick him up!  and even though it was super late at night, dude was awake and waiting for S, and stared right back at him as S held him for the first time :)  he never doubted for one second S, was his daddy, and S. never doubted for one second that dude was his son.....

now, our son is 2 years old today....and S. and i still cant stop staring at our son LOL  he is so awesome, and handsome, and perfect.......have there been days when weve been frustrated as all hell? um, well, yeah, its called "parenthood" LOL  but, our son has the impeccable timing of doing something really rotten, or crazy, or daring....then smiling and hugging us so that we forget everything bad LOL  (i actually think he learned this fabulous trait from BOTH of us LOL)  were constantly seeing dude do things, that are perfect imitations of us, he leans against walls and crosses his feet like me when hes telling a story, he lowers his head and smiles like S. he has his fathers body type, wicked dark brown eyes, and mouth (with my smile :) its an awesome combination!), and my nose, and hair...........hes crazy and playful, and loves being outside like S., loves books and reading like i do.   dude is so stinkin smart....obviously he gets that from both of us LOL  hes already reading, and talks and tells stories in full sentences, knows all his colors, different types of trees and trucks, and so many other things that we could go on and on about it......acually both S. and i could talk nonstop about dude....and sometimes we do LOL 

so, actually, since we could go on forever, and write so much more about dude,
well wrap this up.....

we love you,
and were so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives. dont ever stop doing all the crazy things you do, because all those things, are what makes you ....... YOU!!  LOL 
and whatever your father and i might say.... we LIKE being kept on our toes...and thats what you do LOL

<3 <3 <3

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