powerful stuff ;)

i admit it. 
im freaking out, just a little. LOL 
35 weeks baby!!!!! 
and for those of you not counting,
that means only 5 more weeks!!  :D

ohhhhh halloween :)  you were interesting this year LOL

i had dude dressed and ready to go by 5 so we could go as soon as S. got home :)  he was soooo excited!!  S., not dude LOL  dude knew something different was going on, but he didnt realize until everyone started giving him candy, that this night was for HIM LOL :D  so, our little sheriff walked around town, not even paying attention to the other kids, intent on saying "happy halloween" and "trick or treat" and grabbing as much candy as possible, he was so sweet and of course said "thank you" at every single house <3  so S. and i froze our butts off, and S. carried dude back to the truck at the end of the night (7pm!! *gasp*!!  LOL)  i made a quick supper while dude bounced off the walls LOL and then he surprisingly PASSED out as soon as S. started reading him a bedtime story <3  what a good night!!

im very excited to decorate dudes birthday cake <3
and S.....surprised the hell out of me and now he wants to help decorate the cake!!  LOL  it MIGHT have something to do with the fact that we picked out some military toys for cake toppers....but WHATever!!!!  (i actually think it would have been the same if we had picked out animals and 4wheelers!!)  S. wants to help decorate his sons cake and thats all that matters!!  <3

its cool hearing people talk about how smart and advanced dude is <3 
even S. is blown away because hes never seen anything like it :D

i cleaned out dudes toy box in our living room the other day, since his party is on sunday....wow was that a task LOL  so most of his toys went upstairs to his bedroom because.....the dude has figured out how to climb over the gate that we had blocking off the stairs... *sigh*  needless to say, we just took the gate down...he does AWEsome on the stairs, scootches on his butt, the whole nine yards, its just that i was in complete shock the first time i watched him actually do it LOL  he had done it once before the other day....but hadnt tried again, thennnnnnnnn he did, with a VERY proud smile on his face by the way :D 

so now our son has complete run of the house, and SOMEtimes tries to procrastinate what needs to be done by saying "go upstairs"  but of course it dosnt fly LOL

then....that night...we were pretty sure we heard dude fall out of his crib...HE DIDNT thank goodness, you shouldve seen how fast S. ran up there (ill be glad when I can move that fast again LOL) but he was definately trying to climb out....so another birthday present the dude is getting? 
a big boy bed this weekend <3

i love when i go to get dude out of bed in the morning, and he points out all the books that daddy read to him the night before <3
i found an awesome knitting pattern for leg warmers on ravelry the other day!!!  im so excited to try it out!!

um, actually, i found A LOT of really cool patterns that i cant wait to try out LOL!!!!

right now, dude is laying some of his little figurines down on the floor (a smurf, a yellow robot, a dragon) and pretending to change their "diapers"  while pulling out the box of wipes. yup, its wicked cute :)

anyways, i guess thats it for now...ive got a bunch of things to do today to get ready for tomorrow :D

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