sooooo, you know that Pampers commercial that is usually played around the holidays? where the lady is singing "sleep in heavenly peace..." and they show a bunch of ridiculously adorable babies sleeping?  yeahhhhh, i just saw it for the first time this season....and it still kills me!  oh wow am i ready for baby girl to get here so i can see her!!! :D

and a question thats been on my mind for a while now...does a parent EVER stop watching their child sleep?  because i feel like i could watch dud sleep for hours.....and its NOT because im so happy that hes being quiet LOL!!!!  :D

i L.O.V.E LOOOOVE having "real" internet again!!  :D  talk about extraordinarily convenient AND helpful with my recent venture!! :D

however, it sucks when you get home from work (and its already dark because of the awesome time change) and the power is out......all over the ENTIRE town!!  yeahhhhhh.....this is the FOURTH time that S. and i have lost power while living here.....twice it was because the entire town was out (and it was incredibly WEIRD to the point that you think zombies are going to jump out at any second or something...) once because of the awesome downed tree during "irene" and the other time was in the winter, so thats to be expected.  needless to say, S. and i have both enthusiastically agreed that one of our first purchases when we move into a house...is going to be aaaaaaa.......GENERATOR!!! 

i had such a great time christmas shopping with mom and nana and dude on sunday!! :)  i got so much stuff, that really all i have to do now is get the "big" presents for dude and baby girl :)  oh yeahhhhh and the other half of my present for S. :P  annnnnnnnd i fell in love with a.c moore...and i had forgotten how much i love target......i definately have to go to that area for shopping way more often.

saturday....dude went hunting with S.......and proved that he is definately not the ideal hunting partner!!  :D  he was sitting on S.s shoulders when they walked up on some deer, and before S. went to get dude down so he could take a shot....he said "_____, shhh...look...deer..."  dudes response?  to yell at the top of his lungs "HEY!  HEY DEER!"  LMAO!!!  how funny is that???  S. KNEW he probably wouldnt actually get anything while out with dude, but its still hilarious :D  S. just loves to take dude out, no matter what...they also had a "picnic" while laying in the grass together looking at the clouds, and dude goes out with S. so much he can now recognize different tracks, and names off trees, its awesome :D

thennnn later that day....dude was being realllly super quiet while he was playing upstairs...i know i probably should have gone up to see him and what he was doing, but when i called up to him...he came right to the stairs and smiled at me, and came back down and continued playing, so i didnt think anything of it until S. and i went to bed that night....i walked into our room and my instant reaction? "ohhhhhhh *GASP*"  S. runs in....and we both start LAUGHING hysterically at the same time!!  dude, the most helpful little guy ever, had taken ALLLLLL of his baby sisters clothes out of the dresser i have set up for her in our room, next to the cradle, and piled them all onto our bed!!!  :D   im talking about 5 drawers full of baby clothes.... all we could do was laugh <3  at least it wasnt lavendar scented baby oil :D

speaking of baby girl...shes not moving so much lately...gathering energy? ohhhh yeah!!  theres lots of rolling...and trying to push her way out of the side of my belly with her knees and toes though!  my 37 week check up is tomorrow :)  and i have....21? days left :D

imagine that....k.s mom is apparently already over being NICE...because when S. finally got through on her cell phone sunday night (he couldnt call the house because of connection problems)  she was a COMPLETE bitch  "its not between 2 and 3:30....and youre not supposed to be calling her on my phone anyway, and im at choir practice..."  surprise surprise....shes changed her attitude AGAIN   seriously, she NEEDS medication.  and can we talk about how much of a hypocrite she is??  choir practice? really?  how drunk did you get saturday night?  im not a fan of sunday religious people..... and can we also talk about the fact that your daughter just had a tosilectomy on THURSDAY??  why arent you still home with her?  i dont care if shes already feeling "better"....oh thats right, because you have k.s GREAT GRANDMOTHER to watch your daughter for you.....wow. thats fair for everyone....

so lets recap....k.s mom hates S. and me....then lets S. talk to k. wednesday night before her surgery, then she texts me on thursday, then she lets S. talk to k. thursday night even though she had said she wasnt going to let S. talk to her, then shes mad again on sunday.....wow, thats a full 180 degrees of emotion in one week.  yup, i called it.

besides all that.....

my knitting bag is constantly at my side LOL

i love it when dude wants to wake up at 5:30 am.....but goes back to sleep for another hour and half :D

my belly is SOOO round its hysterical!!!  it honestly looks like ive got a basketball under my shirt at all times....but no stretch marks!!!!

and i guess its time to get going for the day :D

{{21 DAYS}}
<3 <3 <3

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