Happy Birthday Marine Corps!

Happy Birthday Mom-in-Law!!

Happy Anniversary to my brother and SIL!!!

whew....i think thats all the "happys" for today LOL

what a chill day we had yesterday for dudess birthday :D  went shopping.....had peanut butter and fluff for lunch....played outside....took a nap (him, not me LOL).....and had more cake after supper with S. and i singing to him :)  dude had the funniest smile while we sang to him though, it was so cute, it almost looked like an embarassed smile hehehehe :)  outside again with daddy for a little while, then off to bed with no problem :)  it must be hard being 2....

allllllmost 36 weeks.....doctors appointment tomorrow!!!  :D 
how is it that im getting used to feeling knees and toes in my ribs?? 

cant wait to eat the yummy pot roast tonight that im going to put in the crock pot later :)

im thinking of putting together a daddy shower gift for S....
i feel kinda bad that i got so much cool stuff at my baby shower...
im not really sure what to get him though...

besides some ear plugs LOL.....

WOW!!  baby girl is going to have A LOT of clothes!!!!  :D

so, when i run around all morning, putting together information that i need to have for an important appointment, then i get to that appointment....and they dont even LOOK AT or ASK for that imformation....yeah, i find that INcredibly annoying!!

dudess birthday party on sunday was so much fun!!!  lots of craziness....over 70 balloons all over the floor will do that LOL .....there was wrapping paper flying..... everyone loved the cake that S. and i decorated :) ....... the poor guy was so exhausted that he was fast asleep on the couch by 5 LOL  then on monday dude got his present from pumpkin and granddad (S.s parents :)  its this really cool kitchen!!  S. put it together that night when he got home....well, it took a little bit longer than it should have because dude was so intent on "helping" !!!  talk about cute though!!!  dude loves the kitchen set, and yesterday i looked over and he had put soup cans on the stove burners LOL  cute
time to get going....time for breakfast for me and my man <3  :D

<3 <3 <3

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