36 Weeks and Counting!

YOU GOT IT!!!!!  :D  LOL 
S. and i are still hoping for thanksgiving weekend though LOL because we are so anxious to meet this baby girl, that 2 weeks early sounds like its ok!!  LOL 
watch, ill probably be 2 weeks late.....  :P

this girl has her fingers in a lot of pots today, actually i will for a few weeks... hehehe

besides allll of the things that S. and i need to get done around the house....ive been helping the neighbors do some stuff with their business because theyre so incredibly busy (ESPECially with christmas and all), annnnnnnd the little "project" ive been working on has taken a big leap forward!!  :)  does that mean i might be wicked crazy busy for the next few weeks (like im not already wicked crazy busy all the time?? :P )  yes it does, but i dont care because its an awesome start for me!!!!  :D 

seriously...SO. FREAKIN. EXCITED!!!! :D

wow, its saturday morning....its 5:45, and S. didnt jump out of bed to go hunting?? 
well, he IS reallllly tired ;)  LOL 

we had an awesome day yesterday! 

although dude has a little bit of a stuffy/runny nose, he was the most amazing kid at his 2 year well check!!  S. is so proud of him its so funny and cute :)  its funny when the nurse asks questions like "does ____ put 2 or 3 words together?"  honestly S. and i sat there and laughed then told the nurse, "um, he speaks in full sentences......."  then laughed some more :D  even the doctor and the nurses remarked on it :D   dude sat in daddys lap and didnt make a fuss whatsoever about the doctor looking in his eyes, ears, and mouth, and when the nurse came back to give him a shot, he didnt cry, and when another nurse had to take lots of blood from a finger prick to do the state test for lead, dude sat on daddys lap patiently the whole time talking to her!!  :)  it was actually really funny....and then when we went next door for my OB check-up (i love how conveniently placed those two doctors offices are LOL) dude told alllllll of the nurses and my doctor about the lady that took his blood :D  funny!!  everything was awesome with my doctors appointment also :)  dude sat on daddys lap again while we talked with the doctor, things are what theyre supposed to be, i now start going every week, and baby girls heartbeat is like music to me <3  dude fell asleep on the way home, S. went out hunting, i did some work for the neighbors, and then after dude went to bed, S. and i had a "date night" witth a movie we had rented :D <3

soooooo today.....we just need to do some winterizing around the house, we both need to work on specific projects, i need to get my christmas shopping list ready for tomorrow!!  (im so excited about hanging out with mom and nana all day!! :D), and i think im going to make those chocolate cookies with peanut butter chunks because i know S. would love them :) 

but for a while, im just going to sit here, enjoy the silence, and drink some more coffee, and rub my belly..... :P

ps. i LOVE the fact that i can still make my brother laugh hysterically :D  it was awesome talking to you the other day,  love you!!

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