16 days

im sure that lots of people are thinking right about now....."what am i thankful for?" 
 well, id say for me, theres a really long list.....

first and foremost...because its what made me think of writing this blog...im especially thankful when ive had a really hard day with dude (because this belly is getting in the way of a lot of things...) and S. comes home from work, and even though i know hes had a long day too, he completely takes over for me, and plays with dude and lets me relax...yup, thats awesome <3 <3 <3

obviously im thankful for my family, i dont know what i, or we, would do without them....they have been there for me and S. and dude every step of the way, and not just my immediate family, when i say "family", i include my in laws too <3

im thankful for my children <3 
i never knew i would be so incredibly happy just looking at dude, and ultrasound pictures of baby girl....its amazing having them in my life, i would do anything for them <3 
my heart beats for them, and i cant wait until i can finally lay eyes on baby girl  <3 

and yes...im thankful for S. <3  :D 
even though he annoys the hell out of me sometimes, and i know i annoy the hell out of him sometimes, we love each other so much, and were able to sit like adults and figure out our issues...
hes an amazing father and fiance...and im so glad that we met :D 
i love him <3 <3 <3

what else am i thankful for??

my friends <3 , pain medication, chiropractors, the fact that S. dosnt give me a hard time about stealing his socks and wearing them LOL, real internet, dude being such an awesome, smart kid, even though it hurts...baby girl stretching out in my belly, tums, being happy, healthy, and with my family <3 

theres so many more things that im thankful for, but you know, wed be here forever if i wrote it all down LOL  what an amazing life 
i love my family <3 

other updates in our family life?

saturday i got to spend the day with mom and dad and dude :)  then that night S., dude, and i went to chinese with mom and dad :)  good food, good conversation, and lots of laughs while dude was hitting on the waitress with all the cleavage LOL  seriously, he was working his game it was hysterical!! :D  and our waitress was really sweet and made sure to find me a double fortune cookie because of baby girl LOL <3

sunday we hung out all day, did a little bit of shopping :)  rented some movies :) 

sunday S. called for k...and of course no answer, even though he called right on time. big surpise....k.s mom calls back to say theyre just getting out of lunch because church got out late....seriously?....k.s 5...and shes got school on monday...and she just got done eating her shrimp plate for lunch at 2 in the afternoon??  what time is supper for her? what is her bedtime? and i dont know if k. and her mom are going to church with the moms new boyfriend and his kids...but they sure went to lunch with them because k. kept talking about the daughter....and its really funny when we can continuously hear k.s mom in the background, trying to discipline her boyfriends daughter, and telling her not to talk about certain things that she dosnt want S. to hear about :D  S. and i were laughing a lot :D  looks like that free babysitting thing is still going on...  whats not funny?  when a little 5 year old girl has the nastiest attitude towards her father and is continuously telling him "its nothing you have to worry about"  when he asks her any sort of question.  her mother seriously needs to watch what kind of attitude shes teaching her daughter, because k. is turning into a snot...its unfortunate. 

monday, dude and i went to playgroup...we had a really good time :)  there was a lot of riding bikes outside and at one point i was pedaling a little kids trike, with dude in the seat in front of me, hauling 2 kids in the wagon behind me, and carrying another little girl on my hip...yes, it was hysterical!!  all the moms were laughing so hard :D  and also giving me a hard time about putting myself in labor...my repsonse?  well, lets hope it works LOL  it didnt... *sigh*  oh well  then dude passed out and i worked on my projects all afternoon :)

were really excited to go to grammies for thanksgiving dinner on thursday, and i hope my brother and his family can make it too, because i really miss them, but im thinking it might be better for them to not travel tomorrow considering the snow were supposed to get slammed with!!  and S. was supposed to work tomorrow, but now hes not :)  so hes excited to get some real hunting in before the season ends, and hes excited to take dude out in the snow tomorrow <3  me? even though i want this baby girl to get here, im kind of hoping she dosnt decide to come tomrorrow LOL 

the other day S. said to me "im so glad i got out of the marine corps, its awesome being able to spend so much time with dude, and i wouldnt have been able to do that if i was still in..."  i gotta say, i feel the same way <3

speaking of dude, his obsession with "jungle book" has moved into an obsession with "despereaux"  its pretty funny actually!  he will sit for the entire movie, silent, with his feet crossed, and his hands clasped <3  but then, within the last few days, his obsession has grown to include "300"  (i recently bought it for S. :)  and he asks for both movies alllll day long!! :D  weve had to start putting our metaphorical foot down and telling him no...just so we dont go crazy hearing "despereaux" dialogue all day every day LOL  annnd now we even have to say no to watching "300" just because its starting to get boring...in my opinion at least LOL :)

im thinking in a few weeks, im going to be doing a lot of double takes whenever i walk past a mirror LOL  even S. has said its going to be funny seeing me with a flat belly again :)  but i do think its funny that i can no longer wash dishes without getting my belly wet at the same time...and the whole clumsiness, running my belly into things is getting kind of old LOL :D

annnnnnnd i only have 16 days until my due date!! :D
<3 <3 <3

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