when i see your face :)

sooooo im 32 (well, almost 33 :)  weeks pregnant now, and im spending my time wondering whyyyyyyy a few weeks ago, time seemed to be flying like crazy.....but now that we actually have everything READY for baby girl, time seems to have slowed down to a craaaaaaaawwwwllllllll..... blah!!!! LOL  i guess i can actually understand it, but that dosnt make it less frustrating!!!  were so excited to meet this girl!!!! :D <3

otherwise, life is awesome!! :)  spent some time with mom and nana on sunday while S. helped dad on the addition, S. did some work on his lathe last night while i was knitting :),  i got my flu shot on friday, and even though it knocked me on my ass that night, and i could barely move my arm! i didnt have any other symptoms :) S. and dude went "hunting" on saturday...thats a funny story!!  and we did some shopping, dude got his flu shot on monday....soooo THAT was pretty rough.....but after a long nap early yesterday afternoon....he was right as rain :D 

we got our new kitten over the weekend too! :D  (and just so everyone knows, we still have galore :)  S. just reallllly wanted this kitten too LOL)  and the two cats had to have some hiss fits with each other, but now they have a weird way of playing together LOL

ive been working on thank you notes from my baby shower (yes, they ARE coming out soon LOL), cleaning/nesting, making plans with S. :), talking about christmas :D  rubbing baby girls feet so shell get them out from underneath my ribs LOL, wrapping up my last days of work, and getting hot flashes because of all this blood flow.

in addition to all of these things, ive also had to do some pretty gross laundry, AFTER S. had it soaking in the bath tub that is....because you see, when S. and dude went hunting on saturday...on their way back home, as they were literally in the backyard....dude fell into cow poop. (the people who own the land directly behind us have A LOT of cows, and S. always cuts through the pasture)  LOL im SERIOUS!!  and im not talking  "cow patty"  im talking the huge pile of cow shit that they use as fertilizer in the spring LOL  i guess he kinda just slid into it, its not like he had it on his face or anything....but according to S., as soon as it happened, dude got really upset and starting crying  "oooooohhhhh poooooooooop!!!"  LOL  so S. stripped him down in the field, wiped off his hands in the grass, put his shirt on dude, and got him to the house where as soon as dude got through the door, he started telling me.. "poop"   i thought he had pooped or something LOL nope.....god it was hysterical, my jaw was on the floor the whole time S. was telling me the story!!  so dude and S. took a shower together LOL  i WISH i had been there....dude still tells us about cow poop LOL

ive been forcing myself to do something reallllly important the past few days....when dude is taking a nap....i actually do what I want to do!! LOL  i know i know it seems sillllllyyy....and i know i should be tackling my ever growing to do list....but f*ck it.  LOL im pretty sure i wont have any time to myself in a few weeks!!  soooo the other day when dude was taking a nap....I STRAIGTENED MY HAIR *GASP*  and then got quite a few compliments on it LOL has it been THAT long since ive straightened it??  i dont think so.....anyways...i can also see the living room tv from the bathroom, so i ALSO watched days of our lives!!! *GASP*  LOL it was nice :)  and now, while dude is napping...instead of tackling those dishes? yup, im writing this blog....and i ate that piece of chocolate i was craving :P 

S. talked to k. for a while monday night, and k. talked to me and dude too :D  it was nice :)  k. asked me to make her a princess costume for halloween, because apparently shes going to be a bunny, but she dosnt seem very enthusiastic about it...and her mom told her ever so nicely that i was tooooo busy to make k. a costume LOL  am i busy? yup.  can i make a costume? yup :)  well have to see what happens ;)

now that baby girl is approximately 4 pounds.....
its seriously uncomfortable when she decides to roll over.....
 a million times a day LOL 

im already excited for tax return season :)  nothing like new tattoos with tax return money LOL

i guess thats it for nowwww :)  im going to do some more knitting while dude is still sleeping, then its time for a chiropractors appointment!! :D 


<3 <3 <3

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