sooooo, for the past few months now, k.s mom has been continuously changing the time AND DAY that S. can call k., sometimes sending texts the morning of, saying that she would be busy, another time, she wrote, that she would be busy alllllll weekend so S. would have to call on monday night...  BUT apparently, when S. asks for just a little lee-way...by which i mean a half hour or so....k.s mom cant handle it and shit hits the fan! LOL 

a few weeks ago, my cousins wife had a baby shower, and it was on a sunday, starting at 2, and S. is supposed to call k. between 2 and 330 on sundays....(i know right? could she narrow down the calling field any MORE? LOL)  i told S., on friday (it might have been saturday actually) that he should contact k.s mom to ask if it would be ok if he called after 4, or if it would be better if he should call k. monday night instead since k.s mom makes such a big deal about how they always have plans on sunday nights...(yup, im SUUUURE they do LOL)  k.s mom had NO PROBLEM with S. calling at a later time.  the issue was dropped.

then the next week (this would have been Oct 2nd) i had another baby shower to go to (another cousins girlfriend)  and it started attttttt.....2?  yeah it was 2 again, on sunday.  so i mentioned to S. (on saturday) that he should text k.s mom again to ask if it would be ok to call at or shortly after 4pm, or if it would be better to call on monday (just to point out to you, this is the SECOND time that S. asked for a different time to call).....this is the resulting stupid rant from k.s mom through text messaging......(texts from k.s mom will be in bold, and ours that were sent to her will be in italics....just in case its not obvious LOL and theres going to be a lot of added comments by me LOL)

4.26pm: By the way wont be able to call til 430 at the earliest.  Is that ok or should i try monday?
4.27pm: We have Mass tomorow night at 5. So Monday would be the better option.  I have an appt so she will be home with Gramma from about 330 to 530 if you would
4.27pm: like to call then.
4.29pm: If i can call earlier on sunday i will otherwise ill call on monday after (work)
4.29pm: Are you dismissing the child support case?  Or coming down for it? I need to know so I can set up a substitute for work if necessary.  (obviously we didnt answer this question LOL)
4.30pm: Well tomorrow we have church in the evening since it's the first Sunday of the month so we will be out of the house at 4...
4.32pm: Which would ordinarily work since you are supposed to call between 2 and 330....
4.34pm: It will depend on when c. gets home tomorrow if i can call before 4 i will.  Can i call after 5 30 on monday since i get home at 5?
4.37pm: It would be preferable if you called earlier on Monday, but that's fine.  Can we just plan for Monday so that I don't have to sit around and wait to see if
4.37pm: you will call or not tomorrow? It's not very fair to us.
4.37pm: Seriously last week you told me im supposed to call between 3 and 4 30.  We checked the text.  Can you please make up your mind?
4.39pm: Oh, sorry.  I thought it was 2 and 330.  I'm really stressed right now and have a lot going on.  And everything just got figured out for the family Mass that
4.39pm: I help coordinate, so it'll have to be between 2 and 330 from now on.  I apologize for misguiding you last week.
4.42pm: You seem to prefer to be around when im on the phone with K..  and (the grandmother) dosnt really let her talk.  Im not asking you to wait around the whole day
4.44pm: Lol seriously?  (right here, the only thing we were laughing at was that she was making it seem like she was stressed out about planning a Mass, honestly....this is what she came back with!! LOL)
4.49pm: I am a good mother. I am a good student.  I am a good preschool teacher.  I am a good person. (when a woman has to repeat over and over "im a good mother, im a good person" like a mantra, shes obviously trying to convince herself and the others around her, its not working on us LOL) I don't deserve anything you have thrown at me.  Be mad at me
4.50pm: for whatever ridiculous reason you've made; have at it.  But it doesn't make me less of a person or a mother or anything. So I made a mistake last week over
4.50pm: what time you're supposed to call, things happen.  Move on.  Get over it.
4.50pm: You are, though, because if you can't guarantee a call before 4 but you're going to try, I can't go anywhere until 4 without you yelling at me.  Which, by
4.50pm: the way, you do a lot for no reason. (he dosnt yell all the time by the way, only when its appropriate, and he wasnt yelling at this point, we were laughing hysterically LOL) And you yelling at me for having a life for myself and for K. is more than I can handle at this point.  I'm not your
4.50pm: personal punching bag and I'm not the bad guy in all of this.  Yes, I expect you to pay child support. Yes, i expect you to be dependable.  That's not
4.50pm: me being the bad guy.  You leaving her was being the bad guy. (how does moving on with his life make him a bad guy? k.s mom is under the impression that S. should have stayed in NC even when he got out of the Marine Corps.... the only reason she hasnt moved is because she dosnt want to pay half of the travel expenses for k. to come visit LOL)  You fighting every penny of child support is you being the bad guy. (he fights the child support because he dosnt want to pay for a stupid private catholic school!) Stop blaming me for every
4.50pm: thing and stop taking everything out on me. I'm tired of dealing with it. (he wasnt blaming her for anything in this conversation, he was asking her to make up her mind as to what time he could call every week LOL)
4.55pm: If calling between 2 and 330 doesn't work because you have to wait for Celena to get home, go get another cell phone.  This isn't fair to Kaley and I for
4.55pm: you to be asking to change the time on a weekly basis because of C. (this was only the second week he had asked to change the time because of me!! LOL)
4.57pm: Um are you serious here?? I was just laughing because you said you were stressed about planning a mass.  Thats seriously all it was.  Dont have another breakdown.
5.01pm: Wow you were changing the day AND time constantly. Im trying to be courteous and ASKING you if its ok if i change the time by an hour or so.  and C. is the
5.03pm: one who said i should ask you instead of Telling you the morning of like you do to me.  We dont need another phone its not necessary until the baby comes along
5.21pm: I'm not stressed about planning a Mass.  That's just what we have going on tomorrow evening.  I'm stressed over the 50 million other things I have going on
5.21pm: that you can't seem to understand.
5.28pm: lol ok whatever (her name here) i dont care if ur stressed but obviously you cant handle any sort of responsibility and we all know that is not good for K. to see,  (you should consider getting back on Meds)
5.28pm: It is necessary, though. You have a child HERE who you can't seem to call dependably.  (the only time that S. wasnt calling every week, at the time he was allowed to, is when k.s mom had our phone number blocked because she didnt like seeing my name come up on the caller ID LOL) And things happen between work, school and church that i can't always
5.28pm: control or that im told about last minute.  Now I have not changed it since we both settled on a day that worked for both of us.  Did I forget the time?  Yeah,
5.29pm: I'll cop to that.  But has the day been consistent for me for the last month and a half almost? (ALMOST a month and a half?? WOWWWWWWW) Yes.  Get over yourself and start to realize that you are
5,29pm: not perfect and that your life isn't perfect either.  You want it to be? Then make it happen.  Have your "perfect little family" (we think its funny that she always tries to make it seem like having the "perfect" family is a BAD thing LOL) up in _____ and forget the people who have been through it all
(i admit, i deleted some of the text messages in here from her, because it was pointless to keep them.....but she listed off all the things that happened between her and S. in HIGH SCHOOL!! LOL)
5.33pm: How can I not handle responsibility? I am at work on time, everyday, with K. fed, bathed, dressed and looking respectable.  I handle 14 preschoolers,
5.33pm: the yearbook, the newspaper, and substitute in other grades for 8 hours everyday.  I help K. with her homework and we work on her reading.  She has dinner,
5.33pm: I read her books, she goes to bed.  I am also an A student in every course I have taken this term.  I have almost completed 24 units. I am a co-director
5.33pm: for the youth choir at church and helping with Faith Formation as much as possible. How does any of that exhibit irresponsibility? (this chick obviously has wayyyyy too much stuff on her plate if all she can do is complain about it to her EX HUSBAND and tell him about it like shes trying to prove something to him LOL)
5.37pm: I didnt say you were irresponsible i said you cant handle shit since youre obviously going out of ur mind right now go have a drink lol and i left all of that
5.38pm: stupid high school drama behind a long time ago you should too. At least talk to your shrink about it not to me
5.56pm: I don't have any high school drama.  And I can handle it perfectly well.  What I can't handle is your arrogance and belief that you are entitled.  You aren't entitled
5.56pm: to anything but your one call a week and visitation if you can fund it.  Have a good evening.
6.00pm: Look.  I was trying to be nice way to go being all Fucking psycho for no reason.  We were fine on the phone last sunday, we havent fought during the week, i know
6.01pm: C. hasnt written anything lately
(more deleted messages, but we told her to go take a midol LOL)
6.02pm: I didn't go pyscho, S.  You did.  All because I forgot what times and had to change it due to circumstances which changed this week. I am sorry for not
6.02pm: notifying you the second it happened, it slipped my mind due to other things which were more pressing and important.  Good night, we will hear from you on
(another text i deleted....she said "monday :)  yes im serious about the smiley face LOL)
6.03pm: I'm normal, S. I'm a normal person who just happens to be stressed right now.  At least I'm not screaming my head off at you and threatening to beat
6.03pm: a child like you did. So who exactly is the better person? (S. didnt scream his head off, or threaten to beat k., he was disgusted  by the way she was talking on the phone one night, and said that he would smack her if she spoke like that to him in person......im very sure that MANY people would feel that same way if they had heard the things that k. was saying and how she was acting, its disappointing that shes picking up such a ridiculously snotty attitude from her mother)
6.04pm: I'm not having a breakdown, by the way. You're the one with finacial problems and way too much responsibility. I would understand if you had one. Good
(another deleted text.....she wrote "night"  and yes im sure there was another smiley face LOL)
6.05pm: lol ok (name here) whatever :)
6.07pm: Im not having a breakdown :) i dont have financial problems :) think what you would like :) good night
(obviously all those smiley faces were thrown in because she had kept putting them  in her messages to us LOL does she think it will help LOL i love it when she does it, it makes me laugh!! :D)

and heres the kicker that makes this even funnier.....I was the one sending all these texts to k.s mom while S. was cooking supper :D  of course i was reading them to him, and he had some input as to what i should say back....but yeah, it was me LMAO!!

here i am still laughing about the fact that she thinks S. should be having a breakdown :D  does she think that hes stressed about having another baby with me?? NOPE!!!  hes so excited and happy :D  she CANNOT move on from the fact that S. is happy with me, but thats her own problem :) 

heres what i say about it, yes k. and her mom have a life, we get that....but what k.s mom cant seem to get through her head, is that S., and I, and Dude, and soon our BABY GIRL have a life HERE...why should WE constantly make OUR PLANS work around whatever time k.s mom says S. can call that day??  why is it such a hard thing to grant S. a little bit of lee-way by a half hour or so when he can call k.???  we even called k. from the FAIR a few weeks ago!!  we even call her during our family supper time!!!  because its what fits in with k.s moms schedule!!  its really sad that shes so childish and that all she ever does is think about herself and what she has planned for that night LOL :D 

another thing that S. and i keep laughing about??  k.s mom seems to think that shes the ONLY person in the whole wide world that can CHANGE!!!  (not that she has, but thats besides the point)  she goes on and on about how awesome she is and all of the "great" things that shes doing.....yet she still accuses S. of drinking all the time, she accuses him of ridiculous things all the time, claims that he used to beat her and k. (which is hysterical, because S. has NEVER laid a hand on me or dude LOL)  MAYYYYYBEEEE she should consider the fact that S. IS HAPPY!!!!   he loves me and dude and our baby and our life together!!  he works hard, dosnt drink every night, (and when he does drink, he has a couple beers) and is an awesome father :D 

meanwhile, k.s mom is continuously dating a new guy, partying all the time (which she and her grandmother completely deny LOL) and filling up her time with so many other things, that im pretty sure she never sees k.....her grandmother is the one that always reads to k. and puts her to bed....but whatever! :) 

you know what i say when people tell me im a good mom?  "i try"  with a smile and a shrug :)

i know im a good mom, i dont have to continuously tell other people that i am, or try to validate who i am, or what i do!!!  LOL

k.s mom is always going on about how other people tell her how good of a job shes doing with k., and that she (the mom) is respected in the community....yeah, last winter, when she was having k. tested for ADHD, she (the mom) told us that k. was the only bad kid in her class and was constantly acting out....and when k. is on the phone with S., she is, 90% of the time, snotty and disrepectful.  but hey, if k.s mom thinks shes doing a good job, well she can think what she wants LOL!!!

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