trick orrrrr treat!!

or as dude would say....."twick or tweat" :D

soooo building snowmen BEFORE hallloween??  kinnnndaaaa funny LOL  yup, we didnt get ANYwhere NEAR 10 inches (more like 2) but it was enough snow for S. and dude to make a snowman sunday morning <3  then later in the afternoon, they carved out dudes pumpkin :D  actually, dude played with the pumpkin guts, and i showed him how to shoot seeds across the room (and at daddy :P ) while S. carved the pumpkin LOL <3 then S. toasted the seeds while i made supper, and since dude is in the habit of falling asleep at the supper table lately, when we finally woke him up so S. could get him washed up and changed for bedtime, dude was very insistent that he watch "charlie brown" :D  he LOVES "the great pumpkin" movie LOL so he and daddy cuddled on the couch, it was so sweet :D

i am in the process of running the humidifier and boiling numerous pots of water, because my nose is SO dry its not EVEN funny!!  but its getting better.......talk about annoying!

k.s mom hasnt broken the good news to her about S. and i having another baby!! surprise surprise!!  the mom has known about my pregnancy for a couple of months now, but still hasnt found the "right" time to tell her daughter shes going to have a little sister??  yeahhhh okay.  we wanted to tell k. so shed have lots of time to get used to the idea, but if her mother wants to be stupid about the situation, i guess thats her call.  all i know is that when k. gets older and finds out how long her mother was lying to her, shes not going to be happy!!

oooooooohhhh   i just realized its only 2 more weeks until i go christmas shopping with mom and nana!!!  :D

and dudes birthday party is next week!!!!  :D

i CANNOT believe hes going to be 2!!!!

last night S. was rubbing my belly and talking to baby girl telling her to hurry up because we cant wait to meet her!!  <3  during supper time (while dude was sleeping LOL) we were talking about the whole labor and hospital stuff, i was telling him about my experience at the hospital with dude, and what he should expect with some things :D  hes so cute and excited!! 

yesterday was one of my last days of "working"  :D 

that show on FX, American Horror Story??  yeah, its awesome!!! 

i love coupons that let you get free stuff :)

what do i want to do after baby girl is born?  along with having my hair colored?  theres a new thai food and sushi restaurant in town.....and i want sushi...with a passion!!  i know S. feels the same LOL is that going to be our first post baby date? im thinking, yes ;)  ohhhh, and im also really excited to sleep on my stomach LOL !!!!

time to get going for the day :)  errands to run, things to do around the house, and watching jungle book numerous times with dude LOL <3

<3 <3 <3

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