yeah, i bet a lot of you got kinda shocked there for a second didnt you?? LOL 

mom threw me a surprise baby shower yesterday!!!!!  S.s been keeping the secret for a month now, and his job was to get me to mom and dads, i was genuinely surprised!!  LOL  it was so awesome to see everyone, ive never had a surprise party before, and yes, i cried a little LOL  we got so many awesome things! everyone got us such cute things for our little girl!!! 
i dont know if ive been this excited to do laundry since dudes baby shower LOL

hmmmm what else has been going on...it HAS been a few weeks since ive written....

were getting another kitten :D 
S. just HAD to get her LOL so probably later this week shell be the new addition to the family :)
S.s so funny <3

the other night S. was laying on the couch with his head on my belly, and baby girl totally kicked him in the head a few times LOL  it was hysterical!!  he was so freaked out but thought that it was so cool that she had done that!!  he kept trying to make her do it again :D 
hes so cute <3

we have an utrasound appointment on friday!! 
can. not. wait!!!

its fun talking about christmas presents at the supper table

dude is as cute as ever

he literally repeats everything, is recognizing and naming letters, is speaking in full sentences, and keeps kissing his baby sister

im almost done with work!!

the other week S. was texting with k.s mom to ask about calling k. at a different time, and she (the mom) flipped shit on S....it was hysterical!!  apparently shes soooooo stressed out by life and totally told S. all about it like he cares or something...yeah, he dosnt care
its her own fault that shes "taken on so much". 
but maybe if she didnt spend so much time partying she wouldnt be so stressed?  hmmmmmm LOL 
im pretty sure that im going to type up that text convo for a blog because it was seriously so funny LOL 

and a side note, we (S. and i) think its funny that for some reason, k.s mom thinks that were soooo financially strapped......she should really try to understand something.....does S. complain about the amount of child support hes paying?  yup, yes he does......why?  its not because we cant pay it!! ;)  its because he thinks its absolutely ridiculous he should be paying for that ridiculous private catholic school that k. is in, that he in no way whatsoever agreed to (even though it says in the seperation agreement that he and k.s mom are supposed to decide those kind of important things together).  THATS why he hates paying so much money. 
but maybe shed realize that if she actually paid attention instead of focusing on herself and her past with S. LOL

the other night, S. and dude spent about a half hour on the living room floor coloring <3 
seriously, S. was coloring <3 
they looked so cute together <3 
what an awesome dad :D

oh and im 31 weeks now...
im hoping these next 9 weeks flyyyy by!!! 
but i do have the feeling that baby girl will come early, since dude was a week early :) 
with the way shes stretching out trying to make more room in there, i get the feeling shes going to be an impatient one LOL 

i am so unbelievably happy, and content, and our family is awesome,
and its only going to get better!!!


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