feelin fabulous!! :D

ahhhhh the first day of deer hunting season... LOL
 guess whos already out and about??  yup, ive never seen S. get out of bed without hitting the snooze button a couple of times...but i tell you what, he did today LOL 
hes cute :D

we had my 34 week check up yesterday :D  of course everything is awesome :D  nothing too crazy we just discussed my birth plan, and S. cutting the cord :D  then after my 36 week check up i start going every week...

i made the most amaaaaaaaazing pot of chicken alfredo last night!  with spinach and mushrooms....and some homemade garlic bread ohhhhh man! you should have seen S. and dude demolish it!!!  LOL 
 i, however, can only eat a few bites of something before im full....its cool though LOL its for a good reason ;)  but what i could fit in there, along with my glass of milk, was wicked good LOL

sooooo 6 to 10 inches of snow??
that amount has risen drastically since the last time we watched the weather!! 
i still dont think well get anything......

dude is LOVING the pistol belt that we got him for his halloween costume :) 
he even draws both pistols at the same time LOL

he is also LOVing the jungle book and finding nemo recently :)  and yes, asks to watch them specifically, and will sit on the couch and watch very patiently! 
i think i found a new "babysitter" for when i want to knit LOL

i dont know what i ever did in my life to deserve someone as cool, and awesome, and smart, and handsome, and sweet, as my son......
but im sure glad that i did it

S. was telling me, that the other night after i had fallen asleep, he was laying with his hand on my belly, and baby girl was moving around like crazy :) he thought that was so cool, i mean, he feels her move around all the time, and sees it too LOL, but i think he especially liked it since i was asleep, you know?  like he got to share a private moment between just him and his daughter <3 
and i know she moves around when im sleeping, but its cool to actually KNOW it...
you know what i mean?? 
maybe that dosnt really make sense, but whatever LOL :D

i love how much patience S. has with dude <3 
hes such an amazing father :D 
he will literally read endlessly to dude, and he laughs when dude hits him on the head with his (plastic) hammer, and explains everything that hes doing....tickles him, teaches him, its just really sweet how much he obviously loves him :) 
 i know that it will be the same with our baby girl <3

allllllriight :) i guess its time to get goin, the dude is up, and its time for breakfast :)  and im going to work on a few projects that S. and i have going on :)  S.s going to be home....around lunch time? 
then i think hes going to take dude out hunting <3 

<3 <3 <3

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