some of the crazy things going on with our family right now? lol   lets see.......

prettttttty sure dude is cutting another of his molars

the other day dude was feeding his "baby" doll a crayon.....THAT was stopped very fast!!!  LOL!!

im 33 weeks pregnant, and i think we need to start taking dates for our pool, because i actually think this baby is going to arrive the day after thanksgiving, or right around then at least!!

ive gained 25 pounds by the way!!!!!!  alll in my belly!!!!!!!  {{S. loves it LOL ;) }} 
but im right on track, did i mention that baby girl is about 4 pounds?? 
and i gained about 30 pounds with dude so this is normal LOL

S. is pretty annoyed that the weatherman is calling for snow on thursday night,
 im not surprised about it though.... :P

whats the combined weight of our 2 cats?  hmmm maybeeeee 7 pounds?  regardless, it still sounds like a freaking herd of elephants running up and down our stairs when they start playing....this would be fine if it wasnt at 10 at night or 6 in the morning!! LOL 

im knitting my butt off :D  hellllloooooo christmas presents!! :D  well for some people....i know theres some people who probaby wouldnt even SEE the present (*ahem*.....k....) 
 i love that ravelry website that my neighbor told me about!!

we got another box of clothes for baby girl from mom in law the other day :D  noooooo, thats not the crazy part....the crazy part is how unbelievably EXCITED i am for this little girl to arrive!!  LOL  yes ive been excited all along, but now its out of CONTROL!!  the clothes are soooo cute, just like everything else weve gotten, AND MIL found some ruby slippers that match the ones i have!!!  LOL ahhhhh "matching outfit" pictures :P

other updates??

i cant help but get a kick out of people who CAN NOT make up their minds LOL

i am continuously vacuuming because of all the sawdust S. keeps tracking in after working on his lathe....the reason this isnt a problem??  because hes doing some really cool stuff on it...and im in my nesting stage and would probably be vacuuming all the time any ways LOL :P

S. and i are working on a theory......its coming along interesting... LOL 

dude is getting TALL and is speaking in sentences and frequently reads to US :D 
we cant wait to go to his 2 year check up!!

he affectionately calls our new cat (whos name is "tulah") "TUNA"  LOL how freakin cute :D 
i think thats the only reason she didnt get renamed!!  <3

i think because of the forecast of snow, im in a wicked baking mood LOL

its funny how, as kids, we never think that our parents are right. about anything.  then something happens as an adult, (or teenager), and you realize your parents WERE RIGHT.
ex.  my mom thought bag balm was disgusting even though papa swore by it, now she uses it LOL
i thought bag balm was disgusting, and realized after dude recent diaper rash (from teething) that it actually works really good.... *sigh*  :D

were very excited for halloween :D  i think im going to paint a huge flower on my belly LOL and dude is going to be the cutest sheriff EVER :D  is S. going to dress up?  hmmmmmm im not sure LOL 

im very excited to go christmas shopping with mom and nana and dude in a few weeks!!  weve been doing it since right after dude was born, so theres no reason to not do it this year :) 
of course, were doing it much EARlier since ill be ready to pop soon LOL

i guess thats all for now, you see, things arent all that crazy right now actually.....
life is perfect with our little family

<3 <3 <3

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