wide awake! Good Morning!


yup, its 6 am, ive been up since 5.....but thats cool :D

its been an awesome weekend so far and i cant wait for today!  i need to make some banana bread, zucchini bread, and i had planned on making a pecan pie for S., so i think im going to make one for my parents too?  mmmmmm sounds yummy already!  and i also want to put up another round of pickles....and i need to cut up a bunch of zucchini to freeze....i also need to get those jelly jars i need for later this week...maybe. i might put it off until next week, we'll see.

lets seeeeee....thursday afternoon we hung out after S. got home from work early (enjoying the power! LOL)  then we picked up some stuff at walmart. 

friday morning S. went up to my parents house to help start the addition theyre putting on :) he loved the demolition!  then he rushed home to pick up me and dude...i had just taken my glucola (and yeah, it still sucks in case you were wondering) and we went to the docs..it was all routine, the doc thinks baby girl  is about 2 pounds at this point :)  i thought wed be having an unltrasound, but we didnt :(  oh well, they said i have to wait until im 32 weeks to have another one done... *sigh*  (and holy crap!! ive gained 19 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy LOL no wonder my back friggen hurts all the time!!  yours would hurt too if you were carrying 19 pounds all in your stomach!!)  a little blood work to test for the diabetes...then we were outta there and S. dropped us off at the house so he could go to my nanas to mow the lawn :)

saturday we all slept in (again!!  we slept in friday too!) then after some cinnamon rolls for breakfast...S. headed to my parents house (after stopping at the post office to mail some stuff) to help some more with the addition, and i headed up a few minutes later.  i got to spend the whole day with my mom and dude, and nana came up for a while too, it was really nice :D  dude played on the tractor, mom taught him how to build a brush pile LOL it was really cute because dude kept taking the really big pieces of wood from mom so that she wouldnt have to carry them :)  dad took dude for quite a few 4 wheeler rides, dude even fell asleep during one of the rides it was hysterical!! :D  (and extraordinarily cute

sunday......i worked for a little bit, and when i got home we went to walmart to pick up a few groceries and get some new sippy cups for dude (of course he picked out the dinosaurs :)  and we also got some stuff for baby girl  :) S.s realllly cute picking out clothes for her :)  we decided to pick up a few things whenever we go so we can get everything we need over a few months :)  oh, and yes, S. finally got the video game hes been wanting for months LOL  while we were in walmart it started raining, and we could actually hear the thunder inside the store!  it was crazy!!  it downpoured for a while, and the lightening was great to watch :)  its been a long time since ive seen a really good lightening storm :)  but then it cleared up and S. cooked steaks on the grill for supper, and i made squash and string beans yumm!!

HA!!  yesterday S. called k, (because the mother has AGAIN changed what day S. can call, i mean its getting a little ridiculous)  and imagine that, k. gave S. attitude the whole time because she just wanted to go across the street to play with her friend....she didnt even talk to S.  but surprise surprise we could hear the grandmother in the background telling k. to stop having attitude and to stop being rude on the phone...did S. yelling at the k.s mom last week actually make a difference and theyre going to start making k. have some respect??  doubtful!!  because there was no follow through whatsoever....how about some consequences??  like "if you continue to be rude to your father, and you dont talk to him, then you cant go across the street to play"  ??  that would make sense wouldnt it??  yeah, even our not yet 2 year old son has consequences!!  and follow through!! 

last night S. and i were looking through a bunch of my artwork that i had brought home from mom and dads on saturday.  S. loves my artwork and hes been pushing me for a long time to get back into it...and last night i realized that hes right :)  its cool that hes so supportive of the things that im good at, and the things that i enjoy doing, and that he wants to see me do more because he loves my artwork so much :)  we found a few pieces that were going to be putting up in the apartment (along with the new vargas girl i found in an antique store last weekend!!  talk about a cool find!  ive been looking for another one for a long time now, and the poem is really cool too, called "victory for a soldier")  i think were going to run out of wall space soon...

and a sidenote...i somehow got a little bit of poison ivy on my forearm...WTF?!?!?!  this pregnancy has made my skin so sensitve that its getting a little annoying....hence the hives (that i havent had since i was a kid, and the poison ivy that i havent had since i was a kid!!)  at least i can still use scented lotions and soaps thank god!!!!  welll, no more walking in that part of the woods with dude!!!

other observations? 

its funny when people ride by on their motorcycles and theyre smoking cigarrettes

S. and i both think that dudes "no" phase is actually really funny (even if it can be frustrating sometimes)

S. loves the fact that sometimes he trips over dudes toys (because every once in a while they get left in the middle of the floor) more specifically, he laughed a lot last night after tripping over the triceratops (sp?) that we got him the other day :) 

we like our new neighbors :)  and they have kittens they need to get rid of, and were trying to figure out if we want to get one now for baby girl, or wait until shes older, and they have a business on etsy and i need to pick theyre brains about it!!

i thiiiiiink thats all for now :) 

i need to go put some poison ivy drying stuff on my arm

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