wheres the rake??

LOL dont worry, i actually do know where it is, trust me, we need it!  and im pretty sure that dude is going to LOVE jumping into leaves this year....last year...he wanted nothing to do with it.

saturday we went up to my parents house so dad could help S. do some work on his truck :)  then we ordered in yummmmmy chinese food for supper!!  even though S. and i drove home seperately (he was doing work on his brakes, so i drove my truck behind him just in case!) we both decided that we needed to have chinese food for supper :) 

sunday S. hung out with dude and went for a walk in the woods while i went to my cousins baby shower :)  it was nice to see grammie and my aunt k., and cuz and i had our babies "play together"....which means we stood with our bellies touching LOL it was cute :)
 and it was dads birthday, so i got to bring home some birthday cake :)

i love love love getting presents for baby girl!!  did i forget how much i love itty bitty baby clothes?  noooo....but its kinda crazy seeing them all again LOL  S.s grandma j. sent us a package with some clothes, and a toy for dude LOL :)  its so fun!!!  i cant handle the cuteness!! 

dude and i have a playgroup to go to today :)  and some errands to run, OF COURSE...  :) 

im getting really excited for dudes birthday :) 
and christmas :) 
and everyone already knows how excited i am for baby girl to come! 

"dont lie, its unattractive"
yeah i laughed hysterically when i heard k.s MOM say this to her yesterday while S. was talking to k. on the phone
god i LOVE hypocrites!!!!

its too bad when girls find the need to hide their pregnancies because theyre so young and self conscious....
all i wear are tight shirts to show off my wonderful belly and the love that S. and i share
yeah im watching reruns of 16 and pregnant LOL  theres nothing else on, so whatever.  LOL

the other day i painted my toenails....pink...and dude was verrry intrigued by this, and wanted me to paint his toenails too....i had to sayyyy "nope, sorry bud, your dad would NOT be happy if he came home and you had pink toes" 
i know he lets a lot of things slide, but im pretty sure that wouldnt!

the other day, at mom and dads, dude talked a lot about l., the new neighbor girl (whos 4!) soooo, my dad got him to pick a flower to give to l. when we got home....and he did...and she put the flower in her hair...and yesterday he was saying "love l___" 
 its already started....

S. and i discussed when the last day of "work" should be for me!!!  now i just have to tell my boss!!!  WOOOOHOOO!!! 
why the quotations around "work" ?  because, lets be honest...its NOT really going to be my last day of work with 2 kids in the picture!!!  but im more excited to be home and working than doing something else

i really really really appreciate that S has been so supportive, and patient, and loving with me
 :D  <3<3<3 
and hes such an awesome dad, i cant wait to see him holding our newborn baby girl in the delivery room, and hes so cute showing dude things, and reading to him all the time...

i love him so much and im so happy i have him in my life <3

<3 <3 <3

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