were almost there baby, were almost there!!

yup, im 29 weeks today!! :D 

 baby girl is doing awesome, and so am i :D  although im pretty uncomfortable because it seems like my belly is so big, im sooooooooo glad that i dont have any pregnancy problems other than a little acid reflux :)  S. is constantly rubbing my belly, and the other night he actually felt her rub one body part or another along the entire bottom of my belly directly under where S.s hand was 
he was so freaked out it was hilarious!!

ive been doing some major "nesting" ..... cleaning, organizing, and going through all of the stuff in the house :)  the crib is all set up in our room, and i just need to go through and organize all of her clothes

apple picking with dude last monday was so fun :)  all he said the whole time was "apple picking"  and we got some HUGE apples called honey crisp, they are so freaking good!!  i ended up making 2 pies, one for us, one for my parents and eveyone loved them!  which is cool since they were the first apple pies ive EVER made

dude is now saying words like,  "crocodile", "hippopotamus", "rhinocerous", "cheetah", "ambulance",     the  list goes on and on
smart boy <3 
he asks me and S. if were ok if he hears us drop something or stub our toes, and he tells us to be careful,  and hes been taking all of S.s tools out of his tool box to go "work on" S.s truck, all S. and i ever talk about is how awesome our son is LOL.......well, actually, no its not ALLLLL we ever talk about LOL
but you know what i mean.... 

the leaves are changing so fast!!  and i cant wait to get some pumpkins!  and maybe some corn stalks for the front steps :)

im excited to go to my cousins baby shower on sunday :) 

ive already decided what im going to do with my hair (how im going to get it cut and colored) after baby girl  is born :D 
S. was excited when i told him :D 

now im off :)  S. gets off work early on fridays, and weve got stuff planned for the afternoon :D



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