well, thats an annoying smell to wake up to....

yeah that sounds bad,  but honestly, it smelled like skunk in our house a little bit....just enough to be gross....its like the smell leaked through the walls or something, WTF??   but its gone now so its ok!

its been a busy/chill week...how does that happen?  well, a day of being crazy busy, followed by relaxation and hardcore playing :) 

wednesday dude and i did some shopping, ran into my aunt r. and nana at the dunkin donuts :)  then we all went to see my aunt l.  ( <3 thinking of you ), went to the bank, the bookstore, the chiropractors, the jewelry store....craziness!!  dude was of course asleep by the time we got home...so i had lunch (a BIG lunch LOL) while he slept. and yes even though ive been making a lot of pickles, i cant get enough of cucumber sandwiches :D  we didnt go outside a lot that afternoon because it was raining (ugh, alllll day) but S. took dude out after supper :) 

yesterday....i HAD plans, but i pretty much just cancelled them because....well, because i wanted to LOL  but dude and i DID have a visit from our home head start visitor, then we went to nanas house to have lunch with her and daddy, then after we got home and dude took a nap we went outside for a long time :)  we ate blackberries, ran his bike through puddles, got the mail, and waited with the neighbors to get their children off the schoolbus :D  dude was so cute yelling out "SCHOOL BUS!!"  then i talked with our new neighbor for a little bit, and got to talk to a girlfriend of mine on the phone, which its been a while!!, S. got home, and i made supper, and then took pictures while S. took dude out after supper.......wow when i write it all down it seems a lot crazier than it actually was LOL  i was inside cleaning up after supper, so i didnt actually see this happen, but S. told me about how they were next door with the new neighbors, and they have 2 girls, and they and dude were all sitting on the front steps of the apartment looking at books together <3  how friggen cute is that??  

annnnnd im verrrry excited for my nephews birthday party on saturday!!  but im hoping the 3 hour drive dosnt kill my back.....

time is flying by WICKed fast now that im past the 20 week mark!!


<3 <3 <3

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