THATS an interesting development

ahhhhhhh monday morning :)

im so excited to take dude apple picking today!!  were going with our home head start group, and i know dude is going to LOVE it because, 1. he now eats apples like crazy, i mean without me having to cut them up, because S. is always climbing the apple tree out back to get him wild apples  and 2. because there is also going to be a tractor ride....im pretty sure dude is going to try to DRIVE the tractor though   thennnnn ill be doing some baking this afternoon...with apples of course...pie? turnovers?  im not sure yet :)  and im really excited for this weekend too because S., since he cant come pick apples today, wants all of us to go to an orchard to get more apples :)  hes so funny, i never pictured him as the "pick fruit as a family" type, but he gets so excited about it LOL  <3

this weekend was really good...saturday S. helped out dad some more on the addition, so i got to hang out with mom and nana and dude again for the day <3  dude worked some more on building his brush pile, hes so hilarious!!  im going to be putting pictures up on facebook soon :) we alsoooo colored some pictures with grams, played with trucks, and picked green beans in the garden while dude chased a HUGE frog LOL and even though the days are definately turning cooler, it was still a wicked nice day! 

then yesterday me, S., and dude went to the fair!!  (after i worked and S. and dude went to buy a lathe LOL)  we got there around 2, played some games, and of course the first toy that dude picked out was a box of cars LOL  (hes sooooo all about them right now!!)  we of course checked out alllll of the animals - cows, horses, chickens. and dude went CRAAAAZAY in the petting zoo area LOL  he had to pet alllll of the sheep, and i almost got knocked over by some itty bitty goats who just wanted the food i had in my hand!!  S. took dude on the merry-go-round this year :D  it was soooo cute!! <3  and of course dude loved it this year <3  we got some food (yes, of course i got the fried dough i was craving!) then dude just HAD to stand and watch all the tractors set up for the oxen pull LOL, some more games, and the exhibition hall and animal shelter room later, we were all EXhausted so we got out of there in time for dude to come home and play then have a late supper....of course S. and i stayed up late ;P   but it really was an awesome day!!

S. and i had a verrrrry interesting call last week from the child support caseworker! 
imagine that, they DID have his number LOL 
and we learned of some very, verrrry IN.ter.es.ting developments!! 

i am definately counting down the days until i can stop working

we brought home the cradle from my parents house on saturday too <3 

my new obsession??  coffee house chai latte creamer  YUM

i GUESS i should get going for the day.... its almost 7, and although i bet dude will sleep in after yesterday, i should still get ready for the day just in case he dosnt LOL 


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