raining? not any more :)

yesterday was such a chill, relaxed day at our house :)  S. went to my nanas house for an hour or so to do the weedwacking for her, then when he got back he watched dude for me and played his new video game for a while so i could do some baking :)  i put up 5 (large) jars of pickles, got 3 loaves of breads made, and 2 awesome looking pecan pies made!  we hung out with the new neighbors for a little bit, tried to get dude to take a nap, but he was having nothing to do with it!!  poor boy fell asleep while eating hamburgers S. had made for supper  he was not happy when S. woke him up to give him a bath, but then he cuddled with both of us wicked afterwards on the couch <3 annnnnnd i got an awesome back massage from S. too :P

the day started off gross and rainy, but now the sun is out :)  and baby girl is kicking like crazy which i love love love :D  when i dropped dude off at my nanas earlier, he decided to drive his toy car all over my face while i was giving him a hug, it was so cute :)   annnnnd he was speaking in full sentences...and saying "see you later"  to me <3  smart boy 

im very very excited for this weekend :)  and i need to do some shopping for birthday presents...which also reminds me, i need to start planning for dudes 2 year birthday party (!!!)

(i hate it when i leave the house and i just know that ive forgotten something, then spend however many minutes going through all the appliances and such in the house to make sure i actually turned them off....this morning....the only thing i had forgotten...was my breakfast *sigh* 
talk about "mommy mush brain" )

another funny thing: that somehow, somehow, my eyes still manage to be bigger than my stomach LOL  it neverrrrrrr stopsssssss....

<3 <3 <3


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