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saturday was so much fun!!  we left the house early, made it to massachusetts just before noon, and got to hang out at the birthday party until 4 before we had to leave :D  m nephew n. is a wicked cutie, dude had so much fun riding on my nieces trike, the food was awesome!  i got to see my SILs family who i havent seen in a long time, mom, dad, grammie and grampa were there too, (grampa was really cute, at one point, he came over to me and let me have some of the home made dill pickles off his plate hehehe :)  he knows how much im loving them right now! )  then on the way home we had some supper at wendys (YUM!)  and made it home by 7/7:30 just in time for dude to play a little bit, then after we put him to bed we hung out with the neighbors in front of our place for a few hours :)

sunday i worked for a little bit, we made a trip to walmart, then there was a lot of playing!!!

monday dude and i went to playgroup, which was PACKed, but really fun.  then i spent a few hours baking that afternoon, then more playing outside with dude :)  well, we DO have to take advantage of the nice weather right??  and S. actually got to talk to k. for a little bit monday night (thats a funny story).

today i got out of work EARLY, got to spend a little bit of time with nana, now dude is taking a nap, and ive got all the windows open :)

the fair is next week!!!!  we drove past the fairgrounds on the way home and you can see all the rides being set up!!!  were so excited to take dude this year!  and yes, yes i WILL be having a funnel cake this year!  and its ok that i cant go on rides really, i just really want to take dude on some rides :)  and im pretty sure well be going to the demolition derby saturday night!

S.s a wicked cutie, he bought me some more vargas girl pictures off of ebay last week <3  he knows how much i love them and he picked out some really good ones for me :)  i cant wait to get some frames for them. <3 <3 <3

oooohhh and were really exited because the playgroup that we were taking dude to last school year is starting up again next week!! 

baby girl is growing like a weeeeeed!!!  but yes i still look like im not pregnant from behind  i swear shes doing gymnastics in there!!  i cant wait to pick up the cradle from mom and dads house :)  and i need to move a few things in our bedroom so we can put the cradle in there :)

so yeah, k.s mom texted us friday night, to tell S. she would be gone allllll weekend, then busy sunday night, so S. couldnt call k. until monday night between 5 and 6:30.....am i the only one who thinks this is absolutely ridiculous?? (actually, i know im not!!)  k.s mom has been changing when S. can call EVERY week for about the past month or so now.  she claims that k. has a "schedule"  and a structured life....im not seeing it.  how can k. be excited about daddy calling, and want to talk to daddy every week, if there is no set day and time that he can call??  it makes no sense whatsoever!!  surprisingly, S. was able to get k. to talk, even though at first she said she didnt want to...you seeeeeee......k.s mom always lets it go as soon as k. says she dosnt want to talk. obviously k.s mind can be changed. 

then as the mom was about to hang up, she tells S..."you need to call the child support agency to give them your new phone number, the new case worker dosnt have your number and she called here to let me know....its your responsibility to keep the child support agency imformed about your whereabouts."  

yeahhhhhh, a couple things about that....

1) a new case worker??  thats interesting.  
 2)  the child support agency does know S.s whereabouts, we received information in the mail from them a few weeks ago.  they also know his place of employment right? right. 
3) we received a call from the supervisor just last thursday, on our phone,
so they do have our current number. 
 4)  we received a phone call from your old case worker only a few weeks ago, so she has our current numberthat information should have been passed along with the case files  right?  right
5)  how would S. know that you have a new case worker?  sooo.... what?  hes supposed to continuously call on the off hand chance that he has to keep a new case worker updated as to his information? um, no. 

 like i said, weve been in contact with the supervisor, we have done our part on keeping the child support agency informed of S.s whereabouts, and his place of employment, and his current phone number. 

nice try with that one you idiot.


i have recently been introduced to a new website called ravelry.com and im very very very excited about it!!  its all free patterns for knitting and crocheting and its awwwweeesooommmmee :D 

<3 <3 <3

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