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sooooo, last wednesday, S. was supposed to talk to k.....after he FINALLY got through, k. was in the worst mood, but S. kept telling the e.w. that its really important that he talks to k. today (because he and i had decided that it was time to let k. know that i was pregnant).  when sean told the e.w. WHY he wanted to talk to k. (she didnt know about the pregnancy until this point, even though she played it off like she did) she went off on a rant about how it is not up to S. to tell k. that he and i are having a baby....apparently this is something that THE E.W. would decide when and where and how to tell k....i know i know, because the e.w. has a SAY in mine and S.s lives and what we do, and how we deal with life changes and how k. comes to find out about them.  ridiculous.  then, because k. had heard her mom bitching out S. for god knows how long, k. refused to talk to S., when he finally got her on the line, he said...."k. weve got good.."  and the e.w had already hung up on him. 

how is it in any way her right to say that S. cannot tell his daughter that she is going to have a sister?? 
yeah i dont know either.

S. and i decided to tell k. because we want to give her some time to get used to the idea.  at first, we werent going to tell either of them until december after baby girl is already born, but we are sure that this would do more harm to k. than if she found out now.  but apparently S. and i are horrible parents and have no idea when we should inform a little girl of the fact that shes going to be a big sister again.  and yes im saying "big sister"  because even though the e.w. is INSISTING on the fact that k. will only have a HALF sister, S. and i are NOT going to use that wording...k. has a BROTHER and will have a SISTER.  it donst matter if they do not live together, or near each other, they are RELATED.  i highly doubt that IF the e.w. ever gets married (again) and has more children, that she will stress the fact that those children will also be "half" siblings to k.

then the e.w. went on to tell S. that he is stupid to have another baby.

listen, honey, S. and i know youre jealous,  its ok :)  but you should really grow up.  S. and i LOVE each other, we WANT to have a family together.  we PLANNED this pregnancy, just like we PLANNED my pregnancy with dude.  we are very excited about baby girl :D  if we had thought in any way that we werent ready for another child, we wouldnt have been TRYING for another child.  we talked about another pregnancy, like adults do, and went over everything that another child would entail, especially the financial aspect of it, and trust me, we can handle it :)

just because you dont like our decision....just because you dont like the fact that S. never wanted to have another child with you,
dosnt mean that were stupid to have another baby :)


on thursday, S. called again, to try and talk to k. since he couldnt talk to her wednesday.  and god was she in a friggen mood.  she was yelling at her mom, and at S., and being downright rude....there is no way whatsoever that i will ever let my children talk to another adult the way that k. spoke on thursday.  S. feels the same way, and he made it known that he thought that k. was acting completely inappropriately.  unfortunately, he made it known by making a statement, that as soon as it came out of his mouth, i knew that his e.w. was going to flip shit.  and i was right.  it wasnt pretty.

after S. hung up on his e.w. multiple times....i pointed out to him why she was freaking out, why this was the worst statement he could have ever made.  and, i pointed out to him, that just because hes mad about the way that k. is being raised, and how she has no respect for people, that he shouldnt let his anger take over and make statements that are in no way true.  S. has never laid a hand on dude, or me. ever. and i know that he wouldnt raise a hand to any other child.  and i know that he wouldnt raise his hand to another adult unless he was defending himself or his family.  S. is an amazing, loving, fun, gentle father and fiance...yes he has spanked dude, thats different. but he actually dosnt  have to anymore, because dude, even at his young age, has learned how to behave.  when people are mad, they say things that they dont mean, and i know that S. wouldnt want to protray himself in that way just because his e.w. is a crappy mother and cant make k. be respectful on the phone.

so S. called to apologize, and we had to listen to his e.w. go on and on and on and on about stupid stuff....god i just wanted him to apologize and she started talking to him like they were best friends again, trying to get him to open up to her and talk to her. 

it was sad. 
i cant believe she continues to make a fool of herself in that way. 
she reallllllly needs to let go of S.. 
dosnt she have a "boyfriend"??

if anyone had seen the reactions to her talking on mine and S.s end, they would have been laughing hysterically :D

other things brought up during the fight?  LOL...the e.w. is bitching about the fact that i write about her in my blogs!  she claims that her friends are sending her these blogs for her to read.....well guess what honey...if you dont like that your "friends" are doing this...tell them to stop!!!!  if you dont like what im writing about you...dont fucking read them!!! 


oh and she could sue me and get a restraining order against me.  

1.  what are you going to sue me for?  i work one day a week, until late november that is, so if you want to waste your time and money for THAT, go ahead :D
2.  a restraining order? so i cant go near your house? oh DAMN!! 
yeah, i dont care
3.  i have never made a threatening statement in any way whatsoever towards you, your daughter, or even towards your grandmother, so good luck getting that.
all i have ever written about is the fact that you have no moral values whatsoever and that you suck as a mother.  alllll opinions....like i said before, if you dont like it, dont freaking read my blogs!!
4.  i have never used your name.  :)

{ and you should remember that the knife cuts both ways if you really want to start this shit :) }

and thats whats going on with that :D

S. and i got our power back yesterday!!  were having an awesome week and totally looking forward to the long weekend, and especially towards our doctors appointment tomorrow so we can see more pictures of our baby girl :D

<3 <3 <3


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