rain rain go away..

i found some old pictures on our camera so im in the process of downloading them to my facebook :)  some really good ones too!!  apparently i just didnt have the time to do this when the pictures were first taken, but now that dude sleeps in every morning, i guess ive got the time :)

soooo my brother and his family were supposed to come up this weekend, but they couldnt....but after S. mowed nanas lawn on saturday, we ended up visiting with my parents anyway :)  actually, i hung out there the whole time he was mowing the lawn :)  dude and i helped mom pick string beans in the garden, dude pushed his trucks all over the lawn, and S. and i took a walk down the road to check out a property for sale :)  it did start to rain, Hard, but we kept walking, and nana came and picked us up, man were we soaked!!  mom cooked a turkey and we had a little thanksgiving dinner :)  hey. why not? turkey is good all the time!! :D 

then sunday, S. took dude fishing for quite a long time :)  but they had a little trouble leaving the house because dude took the cover off the grasshopper bucket, and then dumped them all out so that S. had to catch them all over again LOL :) 

busy day yesterday...playgroup, bank, groceries, home.... :)  huge huge HUGE to-do list :)  when S. got home from work he went outside with dude for a little while, yes in the rain, its not like its cold or anything, and he ended up pushing dude around on a bike for the longest time!  dude loved it LOL and then i made sure to have warm dry clothes for them when they came in, and made an awesome steak stir fry for supper yum :)

sometimes counting down the days can be tedious!  but its oh so fun :D

S.s ex wife sent the funniest text to me the other day... LOL  she said "people talk, and theyve told me that you love writing about me and about how much you hate me and the child support system"  LOL no honey, have your "friends" go back and reread my blogs CAREfully, because what ive actually written about is how stupid and worthless you are and what a horrible mother you are.  the word "hate" is never involved, because i dont care enough about you to have any sort of feelings about you.  i just think youre an idiot LOL  and what i wrote about the child support agency is that i agree with what they stand for (making sure a child is taken care of) i just wish they would take S.s situation more into account when figuring out the amount.  maybe your "friends"" should wear their glasses more often! :D

the EW also admitted the other night that she has been telling k. when its "not a talking day" when S. calls on random days.  wow is that awesome.  not like we didnt already know that she did that... all shes doing is screwing herself in the long run. 

and a few days ago, on one of the few days that k. has talked to S., she blurted out that mommy got a new job at her school....hmmmm WHOOps, bet the EW didnt want k. saying THAT lol  but that IS interesting information k. thank you :) 

and on sunday, S. called to talk to k., and imagine that, the EW answered the phone just to tell him to call on another day....then S. kept calling back, and the EW KEPT answering instead of letting it go to the answering machine like she usually does, and talking to S. about how he needs to call on other days...she never even asked k. if she wanted to talk, never gave S. a chance to say hi to k..... i guess she just wanted to hear S.s voice LOL  maybe she was trying to get up the nerve to talk to him about the papers we received from the court the other day.

its weird that the family has already started to make plans for thanksgiving.....christmas isnt toooo far awayyy!!!!

alright, gotta goooo......i think the rain has actually stopped :)  that will make it easier to get into my grammies garden to get the dill i need to make pickles this week LOL :D

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