mmmmm coffeeeeeee

its a little damp and rainy....but its a nice morning :)  wearing my new, perfect for me t-shirt, and S.' sweatpants, enjoying milky sugary awesome coffee :) 

between having a cat in heat...and dude trying to cut his 2 year molars....things have been kinda crazy LOL  but its not really THAT bad....usually the craziness will only last a few..... hours?  dudes handling it like a champ.  and were kiiiiiinda thinking about letting the neighbors (male!) cat come in for a little visit....its pure pure pure black and would make really cute kittens with galore......

sooooo, no work for this lady yesterday....the day off was nice because i hung out with nana and dude and got to have lunch with S....but i had the day off because the radiator in my truck has a crack...a wicked crack....so were in the process of patching it for a few days, and S. and my dad are working on finding me a new one.....grr.  ah well, it happens.
and of course there is so much stupid shit going on with S. and his ex wife... its expeccted though because shes so immature. 

i think its hilarious that S.' ex wife thinks her new boyfriend is so great!  ive got some news for you....ive been in a lot of bars...ive been friends with a lot of guys that worked in bars, whether they were DJs, bartenders, or bouncers....and let me tell you something....theyre not faithful to their signifigant others.  (now if youre a guy that works in a bar, and IS faithful, then i really do apologize, i just havent seen it a lot).  i have seen ONE situation where it worked out between the guy and girl, and thats cause theyre awesome! (love you guys!!)  so S.' ex wife is hanging out, babysitting her new boyfriends kid.....and the boyfriend is working until all hours of the night, every weekend....yeah, think about it sweetie.....

we also think its hilarious that shes so all about being religious now.....talk about a friggen hypocrite!!  dosnt the catholic church frown on divorce? nevermind TWO!!  and arent you still married technically?  im pretty sure ALL religions dont like it when people "date"  when theyre still married!!  i wonder if her new boyfriend went with her to the "church function" she claimed she was at on sunday night when S. called and tried to talk to k......

im thinking about going blueberrying sometime soon...but ill have to use someone elses freezer for all the berries i know im going to pick!! dude LOVES them!!

i printed out some VERY important forms yesterday and S. and i are very excited to fill them out!!!

ive got a huge to-do list right now, but i LOVE it because its filled with so much fun stuff!!  its great when that happens :)  im already wicked excited for this fall and winter!! 

but speaking of NOT being excited....i got a wicked case of HIVES last night!!  what the hell is up with that??  talk about sensitive!!!  i took some benadryl... LOL  it was so crazy though, i cant get over it at all, its not like i ate anything "new" for dinner....oh well, its all gone this morning!!

ooooooh we had some string beans out of our garden the other night with supper!!!  they were so good!!! what a feeling of accomplishment :D

and speaking of blueberries and awesomeness....im gonna make blueberry pancakes for dude for breakfast :D

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