lovin it :D

ive been seriously eyeballing at the kids clothes theyve started putting out for fall <3

S. and i have been working on a lot of projects together, and its fun :) 
and its working out really good :)

im sure that so many of you are wondering what im writing about, but like ive said before, it will all be revealed soon :)

side note:  why are there so many car crashes on general hospital??

S. called to talk to k. last night, and god is his ex wife completely friggen worthless!!!  she cant even get her daughter to say "hi"  to S.....youve got GReat control over your kid sweetie.  way to go being a parent.  like i said, friggen worthless LOL  oh but thats right, she dosnt really CARE what kind of relationship S. and k. have, so of course she isnt going to "make" k. do anything.  worthless. 
 like i said before, i cant wait for k. to realize what a piece of crap her mother is and how much shes ruined her life. 

we had a pretty good time at the blueberry festival this past weekend :)  we went in the afternoon, so the heat pretty much kicked my butt while we were walking around, but it was alright.  we checked out the booths they had set up at the school, and dude got a spider "tattoo" painted on his arm :D  the funny thing was that it was completely natural paint, so it would wash off easy...later that night at supper, he kept kissing his spider, and he ended up with black paint all over his mouth!  

time to get going, i have to get a few things done before i drop dude off at nanas :)

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