hazy and foggy

as always, lots of stuff going on :D

i have a chiropractors appointment today (WAHOOOOO!!), then off to walmart to pick up a bunch of things i need.  S. has a doctors appointment, then he has to make a few phone calls ;) 

i picked A LOT of blackberries last night after S. got home....i cant watch dude while i pick berries since the bushes are near the main road.....so S. and dude rode bikes, and 4 wheelers, and trikes, it was craziness :)  im excited to make some blackberry jam with the berries im picking (and i know my nana is laughing right now, but thats ok, because this time ill make sure to get some Certo LOL)  then during supper S. was ACTUALLY ABLE to talk to k!!!!  (yeah he couldnt wednesday night, even though thats the only day the EW will let him call anymore, because the EW conveniently "forgot" AGAIN "what day it was" and they were already busy. complete bullshit)  k. and S. talked for a really long time, and she even talked to ME AND DUDE!!!!  its amazing what happens when her mother isnt there controlling the conversation. 

HAHAHA i can hear dude sleepily talking to himself in his crib...god i love him :)

the sun has just come up, and its hazy and foggy and bright....i love this time of day :)  i need to take a few pictures so i can post them....so ive got to go :) 

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