feelin so goooood :D

ahhh a nice rainy wednesday morning!  but its not that bad because the rain isnt interfering with my internet connection LOL 
hangin out, waitin for dude to wake up :)

i went to work yesterday! yes i made it without my radiator causing problems again!!   this job is in no way stressful, and i like the people i work with, but ive got to tell you, i cant wait until i dont have to go anymore   im glad that S. is supportive of me staying home to spend time with dude :D

i thiiiiiink....were going to go to storytime today....then do some shopping....and maybe i can convince dude to wear his rain slicker to go outside....he loves his boots...hates the slicker...i dont understand why. 

dude has started doing something really funny, its honestly probably one of the most hilarious things S. and i have seen him do.  now at bedtime, after we put him in his crib, he stands in the corner with his arms up on the edge, lays his head down on his arms, and falls asleep.  yes.  standing up.  i swear to GOD!!!  why??  i have NO IDEA but i cant get over the fact that hes putting himself to sleep while hes standing up LMAO!!!  i know S. has fallen asleep standing up, but i dont know of any other person who has LOL :D

i am anxiously awaiting our cucumbers to start coming up in our garden, because i cant wait to make some dill pickles :)

im very excited to see my brother and his wife, and and the kids this weekend :)

i cant wait until S.' daughter gets old enough to realize on her own how much her mother has screwed up her life 
S. and i are looking forward to the day when k. decides to come and live with us

S. and i got our paperwork filled out last week,
now we sit back and wait

weve been talking about our wedding a lot...well, that IS what engaged people do LOL  and its going to be so good :D 
theres also 2 houses that were really interested in!! 
i need to call the realtor to get some information!!

the blackberries have been coming out like crazy along our driveway, so ive been picking like crazy!!  not like they make it much further than the front door with dude the blackberry eating machine around LOL  you should have seen the excitement on his face when he saw the huge bowl i had picked!! 
absolutely priceless :) 
i did manage to save enough to make a blackberry cake though :)  so yummy!

so i told S. that we have to make sure to plant lots and lots of blackberry bushes when we get our house :)  if there arent already some on our property of course...but we could always plant more!!

dude has this little 4 wheeler that his one of his aunts gave him....and when you push buttons on the handles, it of course says different phrases, just like any other kids toy, and it stays outside because he loves riding it in the driveway....so of course its been in the rain.  but lately, it makes all of its noises without any of the buttons being pushed....randomly....the other night, at oh, i dont know, 2 am, i could hear it through our open window!!  CREEEEEEEpy LOL!!! 
i mean, really creepy

i miss having acrylic nails....maybe i should go get some put on....

the other day i found a picture of S. when he was first born, i love it!!  i put it next to a picture of dude when he was first born, its hilarious how much they look alike :) 
i mean, dude looked nothing like me when he was born!! 
at least now he has my hair.

we bought some new puzzles for dude the other day, he already has them completely figured out and finishes them in minutes. 
weve already started considering private schooling for him this kid is so friggen smart!! 

gotta get going, i know dude is going to be up soon, its almost 7 and i have to do some other things before he wakes up 

but can i tell you all again how so so so so so excited i am?!?!?!?! 
 because im wicked excited!!!

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