business as usual :)

oh wow have things been crazy busy around here!!  but other than a few minor glitches things have been awesome!

last friday, i had a chiropractors appointment ( <3 )  then i took dude to get his hair cut by the girl who cuts my hair...now, she was the one that cut dudes hair the first time, and he didnt handle it that great....he had to sit in my lap, wouldnt have anything to do with the cape, and it was a pretty fast process.  but this time, he couldnt get enough of her!!  i think there may be a crush involved LOL!  he sat all by himself, and wore the cape on his lap, and stared at himself in the mirror, and smiled at the hairdresser the whole time..... *sigh*     then after S. got home, we had some lunch, then we all went to the blueberry farm!!  (yeah, i was supposed to go on thursday with a friend, but it started raining as we got there)  S. actually really wanted to go, it was so cute :)  the weather was perfect, dude watched the tractors wrap bales of hay, and put SOME blueberries in the bowl, but ate most he picked :)  and S. helped pick :)  we had a really good time and got over 7 pounds of blueberries :)  i made fresh blueberry pancakes staurday morning they were awesome!!

then saturday my parents took dude for the day!!  sooooo....we dropped him off around....? 10?  then helped my nana do a few things to get ready for the hurricane, then we came home and brought all of our stuff inside because of the hurricane...then thank god we went to lunch!!  i was so hungry LOL i had already had breakfast and a snack at that point!! LOL  so we went to a local bar and had some wicked good food (buffalo chicken salad!!!), watched a little of the baseball game, and played some pool ( i won all THREE times!! LOL )  then we relaxed for a while, and went back to mom and dads around...5, to have supper with everyone and to get ignored by our son because he just wanted to spend more time with grams and grampa LOL  needless to say, he fell asleep on the way home....

thennnnnnn....it was sunday....ahhhh sunday, a nice day for relaxing....if you dont lose power because a tree falls in your driveway that is...thank goodness we have two entrances to our house, so we dont have to walk around this tree, that up until yesterday afternoon, had live wires all around it!!  we thought sunday morning that we might be ok...it was raining like crazy, and we were all just hanging out, then at 11....CRASH!!!  were friggen lucky that the tree didnt come down on the house! seriously!  i now officially hate our landlord...a tree fell down last year...in may, and we lost power for a few days, and our building manager has been telling our landlord that the other trees need to come down...theyre all huge old oak trees...but no, she dosnt want to pay for that to happen...stupid.  so we called the electric company, we called our building manager, and at least he was cool enough to let us borrow a generator, so by 1 pm we had our fridge, pellet stove, and tv hooked back up....and actually we can plug other things in too, lamps, phone chargers, laptop charger, coffee pot....and we have running water because its town water which is awesome!  but........its getting pretty old listening to the generator. 

i mean dont get me wrong, i grew up spending a lot of time into camp with my grammie and grampa, so of course i can get dressed and ready for the day by flashlight, and i can get meals ready without a stove (last night S. cooked pasta on the grill, it was pretty funny :)  but i would LOVE to actually bake something...and having a night off from cooking is awesome, but not being ABLE to cook gets pretty old.....
sooo weve been going back and forth with the electric company, and our builing manager is coming by with his electrician in a little bit to fix the wire mast and hood (the wires got ripped right out of our roof!) then the electric company will be by (they actually just came by!!  its 630 am and i got really excited, but they need to wait for stuff to be cleaned up first..) and i think were going to get our power back today!!!

lets seeeee.....what else is going on....today i have another chiropractors appointment...this baby girl is kickin my butt!!  im sure its because im carrying all of the weight in front like i did with dude,  but still baby girl, even your brother didnt give me such a hard time!!  cut me some slack!! LOL  :D

S. has a loooonnngggg weekend this weekend!!!!   off thursday afternoon, and he dosnt have to go back until tuesday!!  what will we do?  what will we do? hmmmm.

next weekend my nephew is having his 1 yr birthday party!!  so were headed down to mass for that....

this friday ill be 26 weeks, so i have to take my glucose test, ugh....i didnt have any problems with it when i was pregnant with dude...so im hoping its the same with baby girl :)  so that is one thing were doing this long weekend LOL S. has made sure to be at ALL of my doctors appointments, and well actually, dudes too whenever he has them, because he insists on being there :)

dude is doing awesome!!!  he now repeats everything that you say to him (sometimes, sometimes, this is a BAD thing LOL)  and says words like, umbrella, elephant, zebra, turtle, sissy, blueberry, blackberry, t rex, and says phrases like "i fall down"  "daddys stuff"  "it happens"  "sweet dreams"  god hes funny, i mean holy crap, hes not even 22 months yet!!  :)  he knows lots of colors, and counts to at least 4,  runs everywhere, and knows how to start a 4 wheeler (and when hes playing with his toy 4 wheeler, he pretends to turn the "key" to start it :) and S. is teaching him how to "sneak" up on things LOL  and he absolutely loves rubbing and kissing my belly and talking about his new baby sister :)  and he loves to sit and read his books and be read to :)  S. and i are so blessed to have such an amazing kid :D  S. talks all the time about how much he loves dude and how cool he is, and how excited he is to show him everything he can :)  and he says the same things about baby girl too :)  S. loves keeping his hands on my belly for long periods of time to feel her move (because BELIEVE me, shes a mover!) and hes constantly telling me how great i look with my baby belly :)  according to him, i look like a shoe string with a knot tied in it LOL  hes so excited its so cute!! :D

sooo...lots of stuff going on, S., dude, baby girl, and i are all doing awesome!!  and we couldnt be happier! 

<3 <3 <3

time to get going for the day..... :)


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