boo hoo.

i do not think that people should be recognized for mediocrity.  or because they THINK theyre so awesome...when theyre really NOT.  or because they are doing what they have to do because of the choices they made. 

now, on to other things.... :D

house hunting is very very VERY fun!!!

i put up 8 jars of pickles on sunday while S. and dude went for a walk in the woods :)

i think im going to go pick blueberries on thursday....

fall is DEFinately in the air :)

which means the fair will be coming soon :D

i dont care for repetitive statements...
i.e. "please prepay in advance" 
i saw that one the other day at the gas station LOL

which by the way, gas was $3.58 this morning!!
is it bad that im excited about that??

imagine that, S.s bitch of an ex wife wouldnt even let S. talk to k. on sunday night even though he just wanted to tell her that he hopes she has a wonderful first day of kindergarten. 
surprise surprise.

how many days until december??
believe me, im counting
:D :D :D
<3 <3 <3

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