a little secret....

S.' ex wife thinks that we dont know how to fight the child support amount...and shes wrong.  :P  and in a few short months, those payments will be going down.  way to go being a complete bitch all the time!!  youre really helping out your daughter here.

the ex wife is also back to harping on S. to give up his parental rights....yeah, she did this last summer too.  not gonna happen :) then she started in on ME saying that i should convince S. to give up his rights, because she "knows" that she and k. are "interfering" with my family life...... you think you and k. are in my way?  nope.  and that im going to comvince S. to give up his rights? nope.  why should S. continue to make payments, but not have any contact with his daughter?  one week, you want k. and S. to have a relationship, the next week you want S. to give up his rights, the next week youre begging him to come back to you, the next week youre inviting S. to come down and stay in your house, the next week you want to come stay with k. in my house, the next week youre threatening to block S.' calls because hes leaving messages for k. in which he says "hi k., i love you i miss you." 

you need to get back on your meds honey.

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