What a Crazy, Pyscho, Stupid Little Girl!!!

get this.  while S., dude, and i are out this afternoon, we get a call on our cell phone from his ex wife.  S. answered, and told his ex wife that unless it was k. that wanted to talk, he was busy.  she said she wanted to talk about a way for k. to come up and see S. (this has been a topic of conversation that has caused arguments for months and months now by the way.)  so, S. of course listened, because of course he wants to see his daughter.

the ex wife said that she would bring k. up here for a week, as long as BOTH k. and the ex wife could stay at OUR APARTMENT!!!!  for those of you keeping track, this is the SECOND time that S.' ex wife has mentioned this possibility in the passstttt......7? 8? months. (yeah the first time it came up, was right after she begged him to come back to her) IS SHE FRIGGEN BRAIN DEAD????  S. of course told her that we would NOT be comfortable with this decision!!!!  WHY WHY WHY would S. AND I want that crazy b*tch in our house???? 

THEN she told S. that he would ALSO have to pay for the $400 in gas money, and add another $200 and change on top of that so they could stay in a hotel on the way up and the way down.....HAVE YOU LOST YOUR  DAMN MIND?????    S. is already paying a ridiculous amount of child support EVERY month, that should be used to pay for these vacations!!!  there IS NO WAY WHATSOEVER that a 5 year old little girl needs ALLLLLLL the child support money that S. is spending every month to survive!!!  is it his fault that you spend the money on ridiculous things? NO.  is it up to him to pay for YOUR hotel so he can see his little girl? NO.  is he sending this money so you can go out to dinner every other night of the week? NO. 

you have continuously made it clear that k. wants nothing to do with me or dude....so why are you suddenly gungho to bring her to our house?  why would you put her in that position?  k. wouldnt even spend any time with S. because 1. he would be working all week because he cant take time off since he has to pay so much child support and 2. K. would be hanging on you the whole time.  you would never give her the chance to be alone with S, and me and dude.  you would insist that you, S., and k. do everything alone....why would S. do that to his family??? (family being ME AND DUDE)  another point....WHY THE HELL WOULD I LET YOU BE IN THE SAME HOUSE AS MY SON YOU CRAZY ASS B*TCH??????  

get this through your head.  S. wants NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.  he has made this very, very clear.  give it up.  youre dating someone else.  dont you think this guy would have something to say about you spending the week at your ex husbands house?  i dont care how long youve been dating someone...he would.  at the very least hed be mad he lost his free babysitter for a week LOL!  you begged S. to come back to you. he straight up laughed at you.  you have asked S. to come down to NC and stay in your house, that he could stay there, but that dude and i would not be allowed near the house, HE SAID NO.  S. would LOVE to see k., but not if it means you would be in our business the WHOLE time.

S. and i have our own finances to be considered in all of this.  we have bills too.  loans, payments, etc etc.  we dont live with our grandparents who pay our bills.  if you want k. to come see her father, use the fucking child support hes been paying, its supposed to be used for k. anyway.  or ask your freaking grandmother to pay for the trip.  she pays for all your other friggen trips, she should pay for this one too.

and in the meantime, fucking smarten up.

after that, S, dude and i went out to lunch, laughing the whole time :)  and were having a GREAT afternoon!!! :D 

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