this show, "my big fat gypsy wedding" is outrageous and i dont know whether to laugh or to cry...

im pretty sure i WONT have a dress that big at my own wedding LOL

but i AM thinking about hundreds of lanterns in the sky a la "tangled"

i think its disgusting how the commercials for TLC's show, "toddlers and tiaras" uses words like "sexy" in describing these little girls....

i LOVE that song "dark days" byyyyy..what are they called....Francis and the Machine"?? (oh. its "Florence and the Machine"....)

why should i have to be using pimple cream AND anti-wrinkle cream??  i think thats ABSURD!!

i never thought, when i was 17 and got my truck, that id have someone as handsome and cool and funny as my son riding in it :D

harry potter, im so excited, yet sad that our one-sided relationship will end soon *sigh* LOL but im pretty sure S. is excited about it!!

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