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so, although im in an incredibly GOOD mood today :)  i still find myself frustrated and annoyed about some things.....i know that many people out there, would tell me, that on today of all days, to let this stuff go, and focus on my family, so, i figure ill write some stuff down to get it all out.

watching the news last night, we watched a story about how the US government is making dollar coins, using tax payers money of course, costing us $600,00.00 a day....but no one wants these coins, they have not turned into collectors items or anything, because they have obscure presidents on them...like Polk.  soooo, theyve been doing this for so long, that they have ONE BILLION dollar coins innnnnnnnn..... STORAGE!!!!  and congress hasnt gotten around to making the decision to STOP making these coins, so there are more made every single day, and by 2015, there will be TWO billion dollar coins in storage, and oh yeah, they even spent a ridiculous amount of money to build another storage unit for the coins, because there were so many coins.  am i the only one who thinks that this is absolutely friggen ridiculous??

S. and i recently found out that his ex wife will be quitting her job soon, because her daughter is getting jealous that she spends so much time with other kids.  NO SHIT!!!  we told you this would happen MONTHS AGO!!!!  you complain that k. dosnt listen to you anymore.....yet you think that quitting your job to spend time with her will help.  do you want to know WHY this wont help??  because she (the ex wife) has started to apply for other jobs.....with a start date of TWO WEEKS after her other job ends....you think your daughter will start listening to you with two weeks of attention??  didnt you go to school for early childhood development?????   and do you even watch the news? or pay attention to whats going on with our economy?  because im sorry, but it took you how long to get your other job? what makes you think youre going to get another job so soon right now?  way to go.

along with this recent information, i am saddened by the fact that my family is continuously screwed by the NC child support system.  i have always felt that a father should of course support his child, but now seeing it from S.' point of view, and seeing whats happening to our family, i cant believe that the child support system dosnt take our situation more into account.  why should S.' child support payments continuously fluctuate because his ex wife decides to change jobs every 6 months?  why dosnt the child support system take into account OUR family bills?  why is it ok for us to be "struggling" while S.' ex wife and daughter are receiving a ridiculous amount of money?  why is S. required to pay for a PRIVATE Catholic kindergarten for k. when public school is available?  he dosnt even WANT k. going to this school!! he had no part whatsoever in the decision making process even though it is specified in the support agreement that he is supposed to be involved in major decisions!!

now, dont get me wrong, S., dude, and i are comfortable, but things could always be better.  WE have to pay rent.  SHE dosnt because she lives with her grandmother.  WE pay for our sons haircuts, SHE dosnt because the grandmother does.  k. is going to a bunch of different day camps this summer, because the grandmother is paying for them.  we have so many pictures taken of dude, because we won FREE pictures for a year from walmart, the grandmother pays for pictures to be taken of k. on a regular basis.  my question is, where is all of S.' child support money going?  oh right, to fancy dinners a couple nights a week, and for his ex wife to go out on friday nights to see her new boyfriend.  way to go. 

i guess ill let it go right now, because dude has woken up :)  very sweetly i might add, and im all dressed up and ready to go, and waiting on S. to come home from work :)  because today is an awesome day with much in store!!! :D

<3 <3 <3

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