this morning.....

its already humid out...UGH, and thats annoying because i had planned on doing some baking today....

we had such and awesome weekend!!!  dude went fishing with my parents, and actually caught a fish!!  his first one!  how cool is that??  now, my not yet 2 year old son has officially caught more fish than i ever have!!  S. and i went to see transformers 3 which was actually really good in 3D.....i know, i know, i know, youre probably all wondering WHY we didnt go see the last Harry Potter movie....but its because transformers 3 came out first, and S. has always really good about making sure i see the Harry Potter movies in theatre, so i know hell make sure it happens this time too :)  we picked our first vegetable from our garden, a radish, that was EXTRAordinarily peppery, but it was still cool because this is the first garden that S. and i have ever done :)  now we have hope that we can ACTually do this LOL  we went out to lunch at a local bar and played a couple games of pool too :)  fun fun FUN!! :D

a random idea for everyone to save money...S. and i read about this in a magazine....i use coupons a lot (no, this isnt the money saving idea necessarily)  so if you do too, try doing this:  whatever money you save by using your coupons, whether its $2 or $20, put THAT money into your savings...it adds up FAST!!  one week i saved $15, last week i saved $11.

one night, S.' ex wife yelled at him because he was explaining to his daughter K. why turkeys make the noises they do...he said that they are making "calls"  so they can get a boyfriend or girlfriend....thats ALL he said but according to the ex wife this is completely inappropriate conversation for a 5 year old.  last wednesday, K. told S. where babies come from (mommies bellies)  and that in a game she was playing on the ex wifes phone, all of the mommies had babies, but there were no daddies because daddies are mean.  WTF!!??  at least S. made his turkeys have signifigant others!!  now the ex wife is already teaching her 5 year old how to be a single mom!!  thats awesome.

the other night after supper, dude turned to me and S. and said, "all done.  i want the wash."  as he was pointing to the bathroom.  i swear to god!!  both our jaws DROPPED.....then we said "alright"  and we washed up.  its kinda crazy that dude will talk in full sentences sometimes. 

im desperately craving an italian from jacks.....and ive been craving them for a loooong time and i think its finally time to give in.

i DO NOT like scary dreams about people breaking into my house.  that sucked.

dude loves the baby doll that we got him :)  he hugs it and says "awe, thats nice"  were going to start using it for potty training purposes. 

time to get goin for the day, because, you guessed it, dude has woken up :)  pancakes for breakfast? yes i think so :) 

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