some like it hot.......

but maybe not this friggen hot!!!  LOL

S. and i both agree, that our son has the best smile that either one of us has ever seen

were thinking of pawning that ring that has no signifigance to anyone and adding it to dudes account.  and now that i have an absolutly beautiful ring that S. personally designed for me, and gave to me when he got home from iraq, why do we need that other one around??

shark attacks off the coast of NC?? hmmmm.......

we love watching dude and laughing at him as he completely manhandles big objects and carries them across the room ex: his rocking moose and huge dinosaur!!

and its funny that hes self-sufficient enough to kiss his own "boo boos"  :D  but im sure ill be needed to do this at some point

S. is going to take dude fishing again this weekend :) <3

im glad i dont have to worry about cleaning, and dishes, and laundry..... :)  and S. helps out so much around the house its awesome!!

nice cool kiwi with breakfast this morning??  oh yeah, we had some:)  dude loved it!!  but then again, he eats anything...you should have seen him chow down his steak that S. cooked for him and broccoli and cauliflower last night!!

i find it really sad when people dont see how theyre completely ruining their lives, and more importantly,
ruining the lives of their families.....
ex. S.' ex wife and what shes doing to her own daughter.

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