nobody can eat 50 eggs.

i just had THE yummiest sandwich for lunch :D  man it was so good!  turkey, cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickle on a wrap...yup...

dude however, is sleeping throoouuuugh lunch LOL  thats what happens when we have playgroup in the morning!  im sure he'll wake up in a couple of hours, and ill make him a sandwich too :)

we had such a great weekend!!

saturday S. took dude fishing all afternoon, and dude caught ANOTHER fish.....i admit, im jealous!  then saturday night S. watched cool hand luke with me, it was his first time watching it, ive been telling him for a long time how good it is...he now agrees LOL :)  then sunday afternoon S. and i blew up the pool we got for dude (yes, ourselves, because we couldnt find our air pump...it didnt take as long as we thought it would)  but then it took us FOR.EV.ER to fill it up because we dont have a hose LOL  i filled up buckets, S. poured them in....but the excitement on dudes face was worth it :)  the weather outside was perfect for it, he would get in, then run around the yard, then repeat lol  and yes, S. sat in the pool with him hehehe :D  i watered and worked on the garden, and S. got me some more stakes for our tomato plants (which are doing AWEsome) thennnnnnn dude passed out from all the hardcore playing, so while he took a nap, i made potato salad, and S. cooked steaks on the grill yummeeeeeee, and we ate supper and then played until bedtime....dude is now insistent that either S. or i ride his trike....i refuse to anymore lol, but S. did!! :D 

i woke up this morning, with one of my toes all messed up....like i broke it or something.  but i cant remember what happened to it and thats frustrating LOL  and just so everyone knows, im pretty sure this is the first time ive woken up and wondered what happened to my toe and i WASNT drunk the night before LOL  (S. is convinced that i hurt it while kicking him last night in bed.....i disagree.)

im gonna make apple crisp later :D

S. and i got this program for dude called "your baby can read"  (im sure everyones heard of it, its all over infomercials) and so far its really cool and dude loves it :)  he says so many words, and will speak in sentences, its crazy!!  i love how smart he is, and he amazes me every day :D  <3

i love how S. tells me every single day how beautiful i am <3

i find it annoying that im cold when its 80 degrees out.....that damn humidity that we had last week screwed everything up!!

oooohhhhhh weve got lots of things in the works :D  we'll be finding out soon how things go!!

i love how dude will sleep like me one night, and the next night, sleep like S. 

and i also love how everyone smiles when they see dude and S. walking together, holding hands, wearing similar sunglasses, because they look SO MUCH ALIKE!! 

dudes wicked cute saying "hi" to EVERYONE at the grocery store whenever we go :)  and i cant wait for him to wake up so he can color the picture i got for him at the bank for the coloring contest....the bank is having a customer appreciation day this friday and theyre going to have a firetruck there!!  yeahhhhhh were gonna have to go :D 

and a side note for anyone in the area.....has everyone checked out the new baking/cooking store where the old strawberry fields used to be?  its wicked cool and im excited to have a baking and cooking store in the area!!  its callllllllled...."mixed up"  check it out!!

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