i find it annoying when my internet is running slow and it takes FOREVer to download pics to my facebook....ive got some good ones ;)

S. and i found out the other day that k. had her 5 year doctors appointment....and we didnt find out from his ex wife.  then when S. called wednesday night, k. refused to talk to him....and the ex wife wasnt even home!!  way to go, take your kid to the doctor, then dont even stay home with her.  S. called k. again last night and she actually talked to him...but there was still no mention of the doctor until S. brought it up!! then all he was told was k.s weight and height....way to go keeping k.s father informed of her health.  you say you want him involved in her life?  i dont see proof of that.

S. mentioned the other night how much he regrets ever marrying his ex wife....hell, he regrets ever meeting her.  i gotta say, i dont blame him. 

im really excited to watch the new season of project runway!!  i dvred the first show last night!!!!

S. and i have been watching americas got talent....yes, i actually just wrote that.  its really funny!! :D  but were really mad that captain splash made it through to the semi finals....stupid.

my cat seriously just stole a bite of my croissant......what a crazy cat.

i need to schedule a hair cut for dude!!  especially since were going to have some family pics taken soon :D

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