early morning news.....

maybe not "news", but an update? information that you could LIVE without? LOL

going to kentucky on vacation with S. and dude, and the "in-laws" was sooooo good and awesome and fun!!  we stayed at S.' grandmothers house out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by cows and horses and cornfields, and a lot of rabbits.....you might all be wondering HOW this is different from maine? well, the heat...and humidity of course LOL :)  the flight there was incredibly easy, except that we left the house at midnight to get to the airport for our flight on time...dude slept...so did i!!  S. drank rockstars.  dude was so easy the whole flight!  i was surprised, and it made things a LOT easier :)  we landed in louisville aroundddddd 12? 1? and everyone came to pick us up which was cool, it was mine and dudes first time meeting S.' grandmother and shes really sweet and funny :)  and of course MIL picked up dude and carried him the whole way shes missed him so much and hasnt seen him since april last year.  i started sweating as soon as i left the airport.....and didnt stop the whole week LOL but i got used to it!

lets seeeeeee...we ate A LOT A LOT A LOT of wicked good food because grandma j. is an awesome cook, and we alllllll gained um, 5 pounds a piece? more?  we spent a lot of time outside with dude, he loved it there, maybe because he got to run around in his diaper some days LOL :)  he really enjoyed going into grandma j.s flower garden with her to "water" the flowers, meaning the walkways, and himself LOL  he caught a turtle with S., then carried it around, we taught him to only pick the BLACK blackberries, we started to teach him to swim which was REALLY cool :) he LOVED it!!  dude got LOTS of new clothes from his grandparents and some really cool new toys :) he especially loves the john deere tractor set that they got him, he pushes them around alllll over the place :)  i forget HOW MANY ticks i got on me....but it was a lot, and since i had only ever seen ONE tick in my entire life before this trip...well, it was weird!

we did some shopping, went out to dinner one night, went to the mammoth caves which was really cool!  i was a little nervous because i can sometimes get claustrophobic, but S. has been telling me about these caves since we met, and how could i say "no"  when he wanted to go so bad?? yeah, exactly, i CANT LOL!  we had a really good time, dude even loved it :)  and we went to "kentucky down under" which is, you guessed it, australia in kentucky LOL  dude blew kisses at the kangaroo he was petting (which made the ENTIRE crowd say "aawwwwwwweeeeeeeee") and the emu, we saw sheep dogs work, i fed tropical birds and freaked out when they landed on my head and picked at my hair but it was actually wicked funny!!  we went into another cave....which was cool, but dude was wicked cranky which was frustrating, thennnnnn he threw his sippy cup into the huge pool of water at the bottom of the cave.......VERY embarassing.....but the tour guide was understanding about it which was nice...

ummmmm, there was soooooo much more, but ill have to add it later because i know dude is going to wake up soon!  but we all had SUCH a good time and were so happy that we got to see everyone!!  thank you again guys!!  love you!!

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