dont worry, youll all know the full story soon LOL

so, S. always makes fun of me for watching the show, "teen mom" and "16 and pregnant".....but thats ok....besides the fast that theyre kinda like soap operas, it also reminds me that i havent totally screwed up my life!!  is that weird? twisted? maybe, but it does.  i graduated high school, graduated college, made something of myself, and had a lot of fun before i settled into family life...but then again, all i have to do is look at S.' ex wife to realize yet again, for the hundreth time that day, that my life is awesome and i have a great man, a great child, and an awesome support system in my life.

we watched  "rango" the other day, and although i actually didnt care for it AT ALL, it was really cute listening to dude shout "RANGO" at the top of his lungs :D

i love waking up in the morning and hearing the birds singing through the open window <3

i did lots of baking the other day even though it was HOT!!  and the peanut butter cookies i made were a HUGE hit with the guys :)  and the banana bread was wicked too :)   

im vaguely concerned that i have an infected tick bite.....cant wait to go to the doctors today!!

our garden is coming along awesome :)  i LOVE the smell of our tomato plants and weve got 5 small green tomatoes!! 

i really really really want a jeep, i always have, and now that im looking at vehicles all the time, i want one even more!! buuuutttttt im not sure if thats logical.....then again, my parents had one when i was younger, my brother and i would ride in the back seat wearing swimming goggles to keep the wind out of our eyes, swear to god.. ahhhh memories LOL

so, S. can call k. on sundays and wednesdays....the past few times that hes called on those days, k. has refused to talk to him because shes distracted...last wednesday, she took the ex wifes phone (because she has no control over her 5 year old and cant tell her "no") and was playing games on it instead of talking, and last sunday, k. had a friend over during the time that shes supposed to be talking to S.!!  S. talked to his ex wife and asked her nicely, "why are you constantly letting k. be distracted on my days?  why didnt you just call me earlier and tell me shed have a friend over and i could call at a different time"  her response?  "my life dosnt revolve around you anymore.  i forgot."  yeah no shit your life dosnt revolve around S., it revolves around another guy now dosnt it?  but you CLAIM that your life revolves around k., so make sure she can build on her relationship with her father!  you tell S. that its HIS responsibility that this happens...no its up to BOTH of you, and S. has been doing his part by calling consistently!  but its pretty bad when he calls on random days, like last friday, and k. says to him, "i dont want to talk to you, its not a talking day"  hmmm...whered she learn that from?  im thinking from her mother, but thats just me. 

i have so many plans for this fall and winter constantly running through my head that its hard to keep track of it all and im distracted easily!!!  LOL :D  theres going to be A LOT going on!!!!
<3 <3 <3

i love how dude says "4 wheeler" now :D  hes so talkative that its crazy and surprising and so much fun!! 

S. really wants to get a dog...ive been saying no for a long time, but im starting to think it might be a good idea.

i wish the number that we keep trying to call for the apartment for rent, wasnt always "busy" and that i could get a hold of someone to talk to them about the apartment!!

life is going so good for all of us right now :D  i wish i could write about all of the stuff going on, but dont worry, i will soon!!

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